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Teenager tried to stab to death ex-girlfriend to 'prove' his love to new partner

A teenager who repeatedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend has been jailed for 16 years alongside his new partner, who had urged him to kill the girl to "prove" his love.

Rhett Carty-Shaw, 17, plotted to kill his former partner after his new girlfriend Sarah Mohamed, also 17, found out they were still seeing each other and ended their relationship.

In a bid to win back Mohamed, who has since changed her name to Kyro Mori Akihiro, Carty-Shaw conspired with her to murder 16-year-old Iman Nassir.

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The boy, has a child with Iman, turned up at her home in Openshaw, Greater Manchester, on 4 May carrying a large kitchen knife and a change of clothes in a bag.

He spent two hours in her home and had sex with her in the lead up to the attack, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, Mohamed loitered near the house and repeatedly sent messages to Carty-Shaw’s phone, pressuring him to video what he was doing and instructing him to send the footage to her so that she knew he had followed through on their plan, Greater Manchester Police said.

Iman has since described how Carty-Shaw told her that he had to murder her and asked her whether she would take her own life, whether he could kill her and what methods he should use.

He told the victim he was being pressured to kill her and that people would harm his family if he did not.

He asked her to make it look like he had strangled her so that he could take a photograph and send it as fake evidence of her death. 

She applied make-up to her neck to fake strangulation and closed her eyes so that he could take a photo.

But when she opened her eyes, she saw him holding a knife. She tried to call 999 and a friend, but he stopped her.

Iman told Carty-Shaw to leave and pushed him down the stairs and outside into the garden, but he turned on her with the knife and stabbed her numerous times in the head, neck and back before fleeing.

Police caught up with him shortly after the attack and found him in possession of two plastic bags containing an open packet of Dettol wipes, used wipes, a large kitchen knife, and blood-stained clothing and trainers.

Mohamed was also arrested a short time later. Police found messages on her phone telling the Carty-Shaw not to do anything stupid or to leave his DNA behind and asking him to “vid then delete it when I see it”.

The victim, who is said to have been lucky to have survived the attack, was taken to hospital where she was treated for serious injuries.

She has reportedly since moved away from the area with her family and the baby son she shares with Carty-Shaw.

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A judge lifted reporting restrictions to allow for Carty-Shaw and Mohamed to be named as they were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court on Friday.

Carty-Shaw was jailed for 16 years for attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon.

Mohamed was also was also jailed for 16 years for intentionally encouraging or assisting a person to commit murder.

Detective Inspector Jennifer Tattersall, of GMP’s City of Manchester division, said: “The defendants devised a devious plan to murder the victim.

“Both defendants deserve the sentences that they have received and they now have time to contemplate their senseless actions behind bars.”

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