A teenage girl who was brutally knifed in a ‘narcissistic’ murder plot by her ex-boyfriend said it’s hard to move on from the attack as they share a child.

Iman Nassir, 17, spoke out after her ex Rhett Carty-Shaw, also 17, was jailed for 16 years for the attack which left her with horrific injuries.

Kyro Mori Akihiro, then known as Sarah Mohamed, was also jailed for 16 years after she encouraged boyfriend Carty-Shaw to launch the attack.

It was heard how Mohamed became ‘incensed’ when she found out Carty-Shaw, who has a child with Ms Nassir, was cheating on her with his ex.

Carty-Shaw said initially Mohamed broke up with him but later ‘ordered’ him to kill Ms Nassir and said she would help create a new identity to evade capture.

On May 3, Carty-Shaw went to Ms Nassir’s then home in Openshaw, in Manchester, and repeatedly stabbed her leaving her with facial and body scars.

She spent four days in hospital after undergoing surgery and months later has been left traumatised by the attack, needing painkillers and antidepressants.



Ms Nassir said the baby boy she shares with Carty-Shaw, now aged about nine months, is a constant reminder of him as they look alike.

But she said she is feeling positive after the pair were jailed and is considering becoming a police officer, with hopes of going back to studying.

‘It’s hard to move on because I have his child,’ she said. ‘Moving on I feel like it’s my year to shine now.

‘It has put my mind at ease to know that they are in prison now. I can do all the fun things I want to do.’

Ms Nassir described Mohamed as a ‘demon type of girl’ who influenced Carty-Shaw and said she felt like she ‘had it in her’ all along.

The mum attended Manchester Academy with Carty-Shaw and began dating when they were in Year 9.

Two years later, Carty-Shaw started seeing Mohamed, who Ms Nassir said she was aware of but didn’t know personally.

‘I feel like she had it in her, but I never felt like he had it in him,’ said Ms Nassir. ‘I would say she is more manipulative.

‘He went from being this nice bloke to this kind of Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing.’

During parts of the court proceedings, Mohamed appeared to be smiling or laughing at certain points.



Ms Nassir claims she is ‘living her own fairytale’, describing her as ‘somebody that is stuck in their own head’.

‘She doesn’t want to come to terms with the fact that this is reality. He (Carty-Shaw) did cheat on you,’ added Ms Nassir.

During the trial, their names were not allowed to be revealed due to their age but after submissions from the press Judge Alan Conrad QC ruled there was a ‘strong public interest’ in naming the pair following conviction.

During Friday’s sentencing hearing, Ms Nassir bravely spoke out in court in front of Carty-Shaw and Mohamed, telling how her life has been changed by her ordeal.

She said her whole family has had to move away from Manchester for safety and her mental health deteriorated to the degree to which she could no longer attend college.

In her statement, she said: ‘I find this so difficult to talk about because words can’t describe how I feel.

‘I have a son with Rhett, I feel empty but I try not to let this feeling overpower me because I have a beautiful son to raise.

‘My two younger siblings have had to change schools, they are currently going through therapy as they witnessed me with stab wounds bleeding heavily before the ambulance came.


‘I also worry that my son will grow up like his dad and be violent’.

She added: ‘I can’t do things I want to do anymore because I’m too scared, I’m scared that someone is going to come after me and finish off the job that Rhett and Sarah both started’.

The mum said she often wakes up sweating and screaming in her sleep and suffers with severe headaches.

She added that she has struggled with the physical aspects of her scars and the physical elements hold her back on a daily basis.

She said: ‘I find it difficult to carry my son, I still struggle to carry heavy objects and the doctor has told me it will take time to get my strength back due to the stab wounds in my back and under my arm, my Mum does the majority of daily care like lifting and bathing my son…

‘The large wound to my right cheek is still effecting my right eyebrow, the nerve was cut and despite the doctor fixing it back together. I still have no movement in it’.

She added: ‘My life is going through many phases and I am going to rise from this, going through so much at a young age I am not going to let it beat me.’