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Teen Mom star Vee Rivera goes makeup-free after she’s ripped for wanting to launch kids clothing line to promote podcast

TEEN Mom star Vee Rivera went makeup-free after being ripped for wanting to launch a kids clothing line to promote her podcast.

Vee, 28, posted a video to Instagram where she started off bare-faced and added foundation, age concealer and powder.

She then continued to slap on the glam with and highlighter, bronzer and blusher.

Vee also used eyeshadow, liner and then topped it all off with liquid lipstick.

She explained the video in the caption by writing: "A lot of us don’t have time or patience to get dolled up every single day. But when we STEP OUT we STEP OUT! This is my favorite soft glam look when I wanna do something a little extra."

Vee, who hosts the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama with her husband Jo Rivera’s ex-girlfriend Kailyn Lowry, was slammed for suggesting she might start making merchandise for kids.

Fans described it as a “horrible idea” for many reasons, noting one was because of the podcast’s name.

Both women have kids with Jo, which is where the baby mama podcast title comes into play, with Kailyn and the 29-year-old sharing son Isaac, 11, and Vee sharing daughter Vivi, five, with him.

The Teen Mom 2 stars started their program in September and have a bunch of branded items available for listeners to buy.

One thing they are yet to launch is a kids' range.

Vee asked on Instagram: “Should we do BMND kidz apparel?”

She accompanied the question with a photo of Isaac and Vivi standing side by side, smiling, with his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

Isaac wore a black “BMND podcast” branded T-shirt, while Vivi had on a white version with two pink bows in her hair and a pink choker necklace to match the lettering on the shirt.

But fans on Reddit said it was a no-no.

"That’s gonna be a no from me dawg," wrote one user.

Another said: "Horrible idea but the kids are adorable!"

A third commented: "Vee, nobody wants this. Especially not the children."

Many just slammed the idea, but a few explained why it wasn’t such a winning plan.

One Redditer said: "These are their kids so maybe it’s different but otherwise I can’t imagine why anyone else would want to dress their children in apparel called Baby Mamas No Drama."

Another agreed, writing: "Hmm. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be teaching my kids the phrase 'baby mama,' let alone putting it on their clothes."

Working on possible BMND merch for kids is just the latest expansion plan for the podcast, as Vee and Kailyn recently invested in the show by getting an office where they'll work together on it.

Aside from the podcast, Vee just launched an online baking show with Vivi.

Their debut clip was about how to make Valentine's Day Mini Cake Pops.

Vee said they plan to make lots of "yummy snacks that are easy and fun to follow along and recreate" via Instagram.

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