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Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd’s sister R Kyle pregnant with second child as she reveals gender

TEEN Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd's sister R Kyle revealed she's pregnant with her second child and revealed the gender.

Cheyenne is also expecting her second son with her fiance, Zach, any day now.

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R KyleLynn shared a beautiful Mother's Day post to her son, Baaz.

She also revealed she's expecting her second child this fall, also revealing the gender is a girl.

However, it's not yet known who is the father of R KyleLynn's son and unborn daughter.

The mom-to-be again wrote: "Happy Mother’s Day to Me! I love me and will continue to do things that feed my spirit and soul so I can be the sound, supportive and loving mother, friend, person I need to be for myself & my little ones. Thank you Baaz Arinze for choosing me to be your Mommy. You make me so proud kiddo and you’re only 2!

"Your personal development is astonishing and I will forever do my best to support you, protect you and provide the unconditional love you deserve. You are inquisitive, communicate your thoughts and how you feel, always looking to help + get involved, and potty trained!

R KyleLynn continued: "You love playing outside, saying your prayers at night, brushing your teeth, and bath time is one of your favorite routines. Reading is always a joy with you, your speech development and phrases surprise me at times, and you’re such a loving spirit.

"You’re protective of your cousin Ryder and God knows that girl is going to naturally need all the bodyguards she can get. You love your cousin Ace so much already and I look forward to seeing you and Ryder fight w/ love over who’s taking care of him at any given moment.

"I wish you would eat your veggies and fruit // as we started life off so great in that department… but we will get there again. I love you Baaz! You are my sonshine for life. Come November 2021, you’ll be a big brother to your little brother and I so look forward to our new adventure together. Mommy loves you! Thank you for elevating my purpose!"

R KyleLynn's Teen Mom OG sister, Cheyenne, shared a Boomerang video in her Instagram Stories last week captioned: "Friday Mood. Come on baby."

Then in another post, she asked followers for tips on ways to get labor started."

In addition to expecting her first son, Ace, Cheyenne is already mom to her 4-year-old daughter Ryder, who she shares with her ex, Cory Wharton.

Cheyenne recently shared beautiful, new maternity photos.

In the stunning shots, she stood in the desert wearing a gorgeous flowing tan dress.

Cheyenne is also seen in a passionate hold with her new fiance, Zach Davis.

Cheyenne captioned the pictures: "36 weeks, 4 weeks to go
embracing every last second."

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