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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed as a ‘pathological liar’ for claiming son Jace, 11, had seatbelt on in the car

TEEN Mom followers slammed show alum, Jenelle Evans, as a 'pathological liar.'

The fans clapped back at the mom-of-three for insisting her 11-year-old son Jace had a seatbelt on in the car.

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The TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 Reddit account shared snaps of Jenelle's video showing Jace in the back seat of the car, leaving some questioning if she was wearing a seatbelt.

A fan asked: "Why doesn't Jace have a seatbelt on?"

Jenelle replied: "Jace does in fact have his seatbelt on."

But the Reddit account captioned the post: "Pathological liar strikes again. he literally has no seatbelt on. (Sorry if it’s a repost, I searched but didn’t see it)."

But followers pushed back: "So no seatbelt and she is also filming and driving. Winning recipe right there."

Others wrote: "She's gonna force the kids in the car with their seatbelts on just to post a picture of them wearing them."

Another chimed in: "Imagine you're such a terrible unbonded unstable unfun mean a** parent that you need to let your child ride around with no f**king seat belt to keep the one thing you think you have: cool mom cred."

Some Redditors admitted: "She could tell me the sky is blue and I’d have to check it.

Some added: "I don’t even see a lap belt, and that’s certainly not enough. And what is all the crap he’s sitting on?"

Another noted: "She didn't care about endangering his life when she chased a strange man down with a gun. She surely does not care if he is or isn't wearing a seatbelt.

Today Jenelle also shared a sweet throwback photo with her son Jace amid her nasty custody battle with mom Barbara.

The Teen Mom 2 alum, 29, looked virtually unrecognizable as she smiled with her eldest child - then six - for a selfie.

Jenelle first posted the pic on Facebook in May 2014 with the caption: "Story of our lives... waiting on Nathan."

The MTV star was dating Nathan Griffith at the time, who is the father of her six-year-old son Kaiser.

She re-posted the snap seven years on, with the caption, "He's the best!" alongside a love heart emoji and 100 per cent emoji.

Jenelle's post with Jace comes amid her public war with mom Barbara over their parenting of the preteen.

Last week, followers also slammed Jenelle after she shared a TikTok video with her dog and David captioned: "That’s my best friend, but she won’t stop moving. Acting like we aren’t BFFs or something #DontMessWithHer."

Both Jenelle and David were not wearing seatbelts, and he didn't even have his hands on the wheel.

Her children, Ensley and Jace were spotted behind them.

Followers commented: " seatbelts....driving while on the hands on the wheel...really??!"

Jenelle has sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, six, from previous relationships, and she and David share a daughter, Ensley, four.

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