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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans says she ‘doesn’t read’ after fans rip her for answering question about her car with coffee order

TEEN Mom's Jenelle Evans said she "doesn't read" after fans ripped her for answering a question about her car with a coffee order.

The MTV star, 29, laughed at her mistake after she completely misread someone's question and was roasted by fans.

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Jenelle joked she "doesn't read" in her TikTok video, where she appeared wearing a two-tone blue jumper.

She said: "Sometimes I don't read. For example, she said, 'what kind of car do I have?' Of course I reply sweet cream-" then she bursts into laughter.

The reality star continues: "Sweet cream vanilla cold brew with vanilla cold foam.

"Someone reminded me she was talking about a car. I was like, 'Ohhh yeah, Toyota Sequoia. I read too fast."

Fans found the video hilarious, with one person saying: "Jenelle out here driving cold brews"

Another added: "but girl. what did you think that question was."

A third said: "That's mom brain. You were thinking about coffee. Your brain needed coffee."

Jenelle has been a target of trolls recently and admitted ended up admitting her husband, David Eason, lost his driver's license.

The responses to trolls - which were posted on Reddit - read: "How do you lose a license from unpaid child support?! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Dave had an unpaid seatbelt ticket.

"In the state of NC, they will SUSPEND your license until you pay your tickets off. So it was never revoked and only suspended for 2 days."

The troll remarked: "Oh so now you're admitting he lost his license."

The license troubles for David, 33, go back about a year.

According to a court clerk for Columbus County, North Carolina, David was pulled over for speeding back in July and was found to be driving with a revoked license. 

The ex MTV star was written up for both offenses.

It was not confirmed if David had received his license back.

Jenelle also admitted on Friday that she is forced to block and filter trolls as her and David are targeted.

Speaking about how David "deals with all the hate", she said: "Well, there's this awesome thing called filtered comments. If you guys put in 'trigger' words or words you don't want on your comments section, TikTok will flag them for you.

"So that helps a lot, but also we block people all the time and I think it's best to ignore."

She continued: "And I think David does a lot of ignoring and we stay busy a lot."

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