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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped for saying R-word in ‘offensive’ TikTok video

FORMER Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been slammed for her use of an "offensive" slur.

The 28-year-old posted the controversial video to Tik Tok where she used the R-word while pretending to apply make-up.

Jenelle was sitting at her dresser with her brown her styled into wavy curls and she lip-synched some dialogue originally said by Cardi B.

She was pretending to apply foundation as she mouthed the dialogue.

"I know for a fact that y'all think I'm r****ded, and the crazy s**t is that I am, I am. I really am," she lip synched before looking to the camera with a wry smile.

Many of her fans rushed to tell the former reality star the word was offensive.

One of her followers wrote: "Ooo no. Let's not use that word."

Another said: "You don't use that word. The fact you do shows exactly the kind of person you are."

A third added that the "R-word makes my stomach turn".

The R-word was once used to describe people with a disability but was outlawed as a slur because it suggests people with disability are flawed.

Jenelle responded to the criticism saying she was "sorry if I offended anyone".

But stopped short at deleting the video and claimed she was only "copied what 20k people have done as well".

"Sorry if I offended anyone!" Jenelle said in a reply to one of her followers.

"I was doing a trend that 20k people are doing as well. I don't think anyone is intending harm posting this trend."

It's not the first time recently that Jenelle has come under fire for a controversial video.

She was this week slammed online for "screeching like a banshee" at her three-year-old daughter Ensley in a now-deleted Child Protective Services rant video.

A number of critics took to Reddit to call out Jenelle's behavior in the video.

The MTV star confirmed that she deleted the clip when a fan wrote on Instagram: "She deleted the part when she yells at one of her children for coming into the room."

Jenelle responded: "yes I did lol."

She then uploaded an edited version of the same clip, which noticeably left out her screaming at Ensley.

The 28-year-old explained in another comment why she yelled at her daughter, writing: "yeah, I told my daughter to get out because it was a very emotional day. you're trying to tell me you have never told your kids to get out of your bedroom?! Righhhhhht."

Reddit users did not agree with Jenelle's explanation and bashed her for yelling at Ensley.

Jenelle also faced backlash earlier on Tuesday when she was accused of crying "fake tears" and "bad acting" while slamming CPS for "taking away her kids" in a YouTube video.

In the 45-minute long episode, the former Teen Mom 2 star talked about what it felt like to have her kids taken away from her after multiple calls complained about their family life and the kids revealed they didn't like her husband David Eason's anger issues.

Her fans on Reddit and YouTube criticized the mom-of-three for the video, with one fan slamming David by saying: "Trying to justify killing a dog. When you could've found her a better home. Disgusting."

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