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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans & husband David slammed for not wearing seatbelts & using phone while driving with their kids

TEEN Mom followers slammed Jenelle Evans and her husband David for not wearing seatbelts while driving with their kids.

Fans also called them out for using their phones while driving and not being safe on the road.

Jenelle shared a TikTok video with her dog and David captioned: "That’s my best friend, but she won’t stop moving. Acting like we aren’t BFFs or something #DontMessWithHer."

Both Jenelle and David were not wearing seatbelts, and he didn't even have his hands on the wheel.

Her children, Ensley and Jace were spotted behind them.

Followers commented: " seatbelts....driving while on the hands on the wheel...really??!"

Others wrote: "Shouldn't be on the phone while driving."

Another was not even sure who actually was driving the car.

Other followers wrote: "I wish you could see the scenes I've seen because of people on the phone. On top of that, no seatbelts?"

Some shared: "And no hands on the wheel. Driving with knee that seems so safe with 3 children."

Yesterday, Jenelle replied to a fan comment about her relationship with her mother Barbara.

The Teen Mom 2 alum was provoked when one of her TikTok followers commented: "She probably wants you to leave David."

The TV personality replied: "Maybe she hates anyone I give attention to other than her."

This past Sunday Jenelle created a TikTok slamming her mom for "not responding" to her Mother's Day text.

Over the weekend, critics called Jenelle out for appearing not to be paying attention to her children and instead "drinking and staring at her phone" during a family day out.

One wrote on Reddit: "Literally every single picture and video your huzzbin takes of you on your 'family' outings shows you drinking and staring at your phone."

Another added: "And your back turned to your kids. Is this girl ever facing towards her kids in any attempt to keep an eye on them"

A third posted: "Someone, anyone, find ONE picture of Jenelle actually engaging with her kids and not just using them as props to make herself look good."

Last week, Jenelle faced backlash for filming Ensley yelling "s**t!" as their dog ran towards her during another day at the river.

The four-year-old was shrieked "OK, s**t!" when their goldendooble Rosie splashed towards her in the water.

Jenelle said, "What you say?" to the youngster.

Despite her alarm, she uploaded the video to her Instagram Stories and poked fun at the incident by captioning it: "OK, s**t."

Jenelle has sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, six, from previous relationships, and she and David share a daughter, Ensley, four.

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