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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans flips off husband David as he ‘can’t handle my attitude’ amid past restraining order details

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans flipped off her husband, David Eason, as he "can't handle my attitude" after she revealed the details of her past restraining order against him.

In her new docuseries, Jenelle has been revealing her thought process as she separated from David back in 2019.

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Jenelle, 29, participated in yet another Tiktok trend as she performed a ballet dance number for her followers.

However, in the video, the former Teen Mom 2 star began flipping off the camera as the description of the video read: "When he can't handle your attitude."

Along with the video, she also added the caption: "When you’re not in an argument and just want to post a trend."

She finished off the caption with "#marriedlife."

Her seemingly shady video comes as she is currently releasing several episodes of her new docuseries called Addicted To Growth, where she gives fans a glimpse into her separation from David, 32, back in 2019.

During the separation, she moved with their daughter Ensley, three, and her son Kaiser, six, from a previous relationship, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Jenelle is also a mom to 11-year-old son Jace and stepmom to David's daughter Maryssa from another marriage.

In her protective order, the Teen Mom 2 alum claimed that she was fearful for the safety of herself and her children.

Looking back at old footage of herself filing the no contact order at the local police station, the mom of three reflected on the incident.

She told viewers: "After I filled the no contact order against David... I was really scared and nervous because I wasn't sure of how he was going to react."

Jenelle continued: "I didn't know if he was gong to freak out.

"Ensley was also in the order, so then it prevented him from even seeing Ensley and I knew that would make him angry as well.

"But again I wanted to do this to get space between us.

"And I know at the time he didn't take it like that, but that was my intention.

"And I wasn't about to explain myself because every time we would talk we would just butt heads and argue."

Jenelle recently admitted she had feared David's reaction after she filed the restraining order because he was "making knives."

Although standing by the fact that her husband never put his hands on her, at the time she did worry what he would do once he got served with the no-contact order.

In the 2019 footage, she tells her lawyers as they're on the way to file for the order: "I'm feeling good, I just don't know how he'll react but you know, I have no idea but once he gets the paperwork, he'll see he can't destroy my stuff and that's what I'm worried about really."

The former MTV star added: "Before I blocked him, I just looked at his story real quick and he's out there forging knives."

Jenelle last week shared that the couple were in a "better place" after their split because they "fixed arguing."

She said: "You know, when it comes to someone that's like your best friend but then also you guys are married it's the best thing ever and yes I'm still in love with David, yes I still love him dearly.

"I think when it comes to relationships you just gotta ask yourself, 'Is this worth fixing or not?'

"As for me, you know, we just argued a lot and we fixed that and I feel like we're in a lot better place than we were."

She added: "They say the first year of marriage is hard, and it is, and you've just got to communicate. I feel like communication's like the key."

The two were only separated for a few months before they got back together again.

Despite their separation, the two were involved in an altercation with two of Jenelle's friends, which had David arrested.

The couple then got back together again a second time and have been together since.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans says she filed a restraining order against husband David just 'to get space' despite past abuse claims-

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