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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans accused of creating multiple ‘fake’ fan accounts of herself as viewers think they look ‘fishy’

JENELLE Evans has been accused of creating several "fake" fan accounts of herself.

Teen Mom 2 fans think they have spotted several Instagram pages dedicated to the 29-year-old that look "fishy".

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One eagle-eyed Reddit user pointed out two accounts that have been created in the last day and have similar names.

"They all have similar usernames, an adjective and then Jenelle and also all use a single emoji after her name, it’s fishy," they wrote.

Another user noted how the fanpages all appeared to be following the same people.

Suspicions were raised when Jenelle herself shared a post from the account "stan.jenelle" - minutes after it was shared on the original page.

The snap showed the MTV star posing in a bikini with her son Kaiser, six, by a lake.

Jenelle captioned it: "Throwback" on her Instagram Stories.

One critic wrote on Reddit: "You can tell they’re all made by Jenelle, they all use the same poor grammar."

Another added: "Can’t make an IG account for Kaiser, but can have endless fake fan accounts. This a new level of pathetic."

Others flocked to the Teen Mom alum's defense, telling viewers to "leave her alone".

Meanwhile, last month, Jenelle's husband David Eason came under fire for threatening to "smack" Ensley "in the mouth".

The 33-year-old became enraged when Ensley insisted that he "killed a baby chick" a day earlier.

The clip - which has surfaced on several Teen Mom fan accounts - shows Ensley wondering over to a chicken coop in the family yard.

She says: "Hey, remember you killed a baby chick? Don't kill them again. Then I'll be so mad."

David says from behind the camera: "What? Girl, you have lost your mind. What are you talking about?"

Ensley repeats: "Yesterday, you killed a baby chick."

David asks, "Why would you say that?" and Ensley persists, "Because you did!"

David replies in an aggressive tone: "No I did not. I will smack you in the mouth."

Following backlash to the shocking footage, Jenelle urged people to "stop judging" her family and insisted that David is the "best father".

David has a history of aggression with the family's pets.

In May 2019, he shot and killed Jenelle's dog Nugget after the pet allegedly nipped at Ensley's face.

The shooting led to Jenelle's kids being temporarily taken away by the CPS.

Last September, he was slammed for killing and eating their pet goat Elvis, who they had reared from birth.

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