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Teen Mom Jade Cline posts cryptic quote after friend Cheyenne Floyd is called ‘racist’ by Jenelle Evans in nasty feud

JADE Cline shared a cryptic quote about people having "hidden agendas" amid the huge feud between her friend Cheyenne Floyd and co-stars Mackenzie and Jenelle.

Cheyenne and Mackenzie have been fighting for nearly a year over "racist" remarks, and Jenelle recently inserted herself into the argument.

Jade, 24, took to Instagram to share a mysterious message about "good people."

The reality star re-posted a quote that reads: "I just wanna keep being proof that good people with no hidden agendas still exist in this world."


The TV personality's story followed the dramatic blowout fight between Cheyenne Floyd, 29, and Mackenzie McKee, 27.

The pair have not seen eye to eye since January when the blonde called Vice President Kamala Harris a "colored woman".

Jade and Cheyenne have been close friends for years, leading fans to believe she defended the California native in the feud.

The arguments were reignited last week when Cheyenne claimed that Mackenzie's husband Josh feared she would act like an "angry black woman" when they talked on the phone.

After the conversation, the fitness instructor deleted her Instagram account but instead took to TikTok to address the allegations.

"But as far as her recent story goes, it comes to a point where I do have to protect my family and I. I will admit to every wrongdoing of mine

"But her stories were sad lies and far from the truth."

Mackenzie continued: "Josh has never said a word about her personally and now she is throwing his name under the bus.

"But in the end it's time for all of us to move forward and respect one another. Let's choose love."


However, after the Teen Mom OG reunion was filmed, Cheyenne took to her Instagram Stories to explain "her side".

"I have done my best to keep this off social media for months, but at this point, I have to tell my side of what happened. After Mackenzie's colored comment came out, she asked to call me, and I told her no problem," she claimed.

"We had a conversation that she continued to put her foot in her mouth, explaining how she knew nothing about segregation & how black people were referred to as colored where she came from.

"I took my time to teach a lesson when I did not have to. It is not my responsibility to teach you.

"But since I am the only black cast member on the show, she felt like she had to call me and explain. After an hour-long conversation, she thanked me for even talking to her because she said her husband thought I was going to be 'one of the angry black women,'" Cheyenne alleged.

Mackenzie further claimed that she was left out of the Teen Mom OG reunion group photos as she had to film separately because Cheyenne "hates" her.


Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans then jumped to the mother of three's rescue, accusing Cheyenne on Twitter of being "racist."

"Y’all… leave McKenzie alone. Way to make someone feel left out… per usual," she began.

"If you want to start pointing fingers for flaws.. I have a whole list," she joked.

"Also the difference in this situation is that McKenzie stood up, owned up to, and acknowledged her mistake and apologized… but did this other chick even acknowledge her old tweets?"

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