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Teen Mom fans left ‘cringing’ after Jenelle Evans posts new TikTok to her ‘haters’ about ‘having a drink’

TEEN Mom fans were left 'cringing' over Jenelle Evans' TikTok where she slammed her 'haters' about her drinking.

Jenelle, 29, wore black shirt covered in jack-o-lanterns as she stood in her backyard to film the TikTok.

She wore her brown hair in a hight pontytail and opted for a shimmery makeup colour palette.

Jenelle mimed to a piece of audio and furrowed her brow before holding up a beer to take a sip.

The audio said: "Yeah, and, and, and, let me just say this, when it comes to a drink, I'm a have it."

The mom-of-three captioned the post: "A message for my haters, cheers!" followed by a beer glass emoji.

But fans on Reddit did not like the video at all and said it left them "cringing".

"This makes me cringe so hard…. Her shirt is cute af tho," wrote one fan.

Another added: "Sad that drinking is seen so flippantly like you can just drink all day and it's fine! She should only be drinking when the kids aren't around or keep it to one drink when they are."

And a third commented: "She’s always got a drink in hand."

It's not the first time Jenelle has lashed out at criticism about her drinking.

She recently shut down trolls who accused her of drinking at 11am in a new TikTok video.

Jenelle, 29, recorded a clip of her holding a custom White Claw tumbler, before removing the lid and revealing that there was nothing inside.

She mouthed the words "you must feel pretty stupid right now" while unveiling the empty cup.

The video was in response to a critic who commented on her drinking so early in the morning.

The message read: "Why does your 11am water say the PUREST HARD SELTZER IN THE WORLD on the can (which shows nutrition facts btw)"

Fans jumped in to the ex MTV star's defense with one writing: "apparently people don't follow you, or they would know a follower sent you that custom tumbler"

Another echoed the statement saying: "I watched the video of you unboxing that tumbler. lol the real mvp fans know"

Jenelle has repeatedly received backlash for her drinking, including last November when she was slammed by fans for having a beer while being a passenger in her car.

She posted a TikTok video of her enjoying a corona while in a truck, prompting one user to call her out writing: "Girl, you're almost 30. Grow up."

Fans also speculated she had a drinking problem in August after she recorded herself drinking in bed following an endoscopy.

In the YouTube video, two cans of Natural Light were visible in the bed as she lay next to husband David Eason.

Jenelle suffers from a slew of health problems, including a condition that causes cysts on her spine and debilitating back pain as well as esophageal spasms which hinder her eating.

Despite this, fans noticed that she always seemed to be drinking a form of alcohol - whether it be while hanging out in the pool or working on her podcast.

Recently, they spotted her sipping a can of White Claw while dancing and barbecuing.

"It seems like you drink every. single. Day!!! It can’t be good for your health problems," one follower wrote.

Jenelle hit back at critics, raging on TikTok: “Y’all, I was born in ’91. So, let’s do the math. I’m 29 years old. I can drink.

"If I want to switch to wine from beer, I’m gonna switch. I don’t care if y’all know because I don’t have an alcohol problem. That’s why I don’t care.

“So for you to constantly bring this up, I don’t know your point.” 

At the end, she told fans that she doesn’t “really give two f**ks” what they think about how much she does or does not drink.

Jenelle married David in 2017 and has three children - son Jace, 11, with her ex Andrew Lewis, son Kaiser, seven, with ex Nathan Griffith and daughter Ensley, four, with David.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans responds to trolls who accused her of drinking at 11am after 'alcohol problem' concerns

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