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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska slammed for charging $31 for an Aubree Says baby onesie as fans say she ‘lost her mind’

CHELSEA Houska recently shared a new collection of baby clothing for her company Aubree Says, where a tiny newborn onesie costs $31.

The Teen Mom alum launched the new Aubree Says "gear" as she modeled the products on her brand new baby Walker June born late last month.

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Chelsea, 29, posted the new items to her Instagram story, where she promoted the products on her newborn child.

The mom of four shared a "Bringing Home Baby Swaddle Blanket" for $26, and a gray newborn onesie that read "Hello I'm New Here," costing $31.

Fans were not happy with the pricey nature of the items, as they took to Reddit to slam the designer for overcharging her customers.

"I can't imagine popping out a baby just to use it to sell overpriced stuff," one trolled.

"Great, now I have to adjust the goal on my GoFundMe to be able to afford a onesie," a second joked.

"$31 for a grey onesie with a few words on it is absolutely ludicrous," another remarked, adding: "Your kid would grow out of it in weeks."

"31 dollars for a onesie is ridiculous," another agreed. "They wear it for like 2 months!"

"$31 for the onesie, $26 for a swaddle, Chelsea has lost her d**m mind," another criticized.

Others referenced Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer's massive lawsuit they've been battling since last year, replying: "That 3 million dollar lawsuit isn't going to pay for itself I guess."

Some trolled the quality of the reality star's home and clothing products, writing: "I can get that onesie at Family Dollar for $3."

The Sun exclusively revealed in mid-February that Culligan Water Company claimed to have not received payments from Chelsea’s husband since October 2, 2020, despite his use of their products.

The February 8th filing read: “On 11/18/20, we sent him a postcard asking him to call the office. On 12/10/20 and 1/5/21 we sent him letters saying he needed to pay the balance or contact us with arrangements.”

The company then claimed that the father “did not respond" to their communication attempts.

This lawsuit follows the family's major court case where Chelsea's company C&A Enterprises and The William Gerard Group were sued for breach of contract by the consulting company Envy in April of 2020. 

The papers claimed the parties “failed to pay any of the contractually required fees" and "breached their contracts."

The company sued the young family for $3 million and the conflict has yet to be resolved.

Amidst the legal drama, Chelsea gave birth to her fourth child on January 25th.

She and Cole recently admitted to the stress they have encountered with the lawsuit and new child, as the TV personality claimed to be "delirious" with fatigue.

The young mom shared a video with her hubby as they lay in bed laughing on their phones.

The spouses cackled as they realized they got their newborn baby's age wrong and were two days off in the count.

"It is 11:15 pm and we are – I don't know if we're just like delirious 'cause it's not that late but we both just looked at each other, we both just started laughing at a one-month photo of Walker but I will say that we didn't do the full set-up like we wanted to," she detailed.

"But then, just now, literally just now, I was like 'it's not the 25th so she's not technically a month old.' This is what my head was going off on, it's been four Mondays so that means four weeks.

"So I guess technically we should have said she's four weeks but we're losing our minds, people!"

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska admits she's 'delirious' with fatigue as she juggles newborn baby Walker and $3M lawsuit

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