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Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham says she ‘supports’ 62-year-old mom’s rap career and is ‘so proud’ despite fan backlash

TEEN mom star Farrah Abraham told The Sun in an exclusive interview she "supports" her mom's controversial rap career - even though she has received backlash from fans.

Last week, the Teen Mom OG grandma Debra Danielson, 62 - who calls herself Debz OG - posted a sneak peek of her upcoming hip hop single White Woman’s Rap, singing the song wearing leather shorts, chains and fake dreadlocks.

However fans of the MTV series called the 62-year-old "off the rails" while another asked: "WTF did I just watch?"

Speaking to The Sun at her 29th birthday party in Ventura, California, Farrah came to her mom's defense, saying: "I love my mom and Grandma's Love was amazing and I know White Girl Rap just came out.

"I have to say, she got backlash from it ... people were construing that as something negative, but I think she has great intentions with her new rap.

"I love Debz OG. She is my mom, so I totally support her music.

"Others are making music nonstop. My daughter Sophia just released Take Yo Bestie and it blew up. It's taken over TikTok and it's on YouTube.

"I'm proud of my family, so congrats to my mom."

Farrah, who had a rocky relationship with her mom throughout Teen Mom, says their relationship couldn't be better now.

She told The Sun: "My relationship with my mom is great. I had a three hour phone call with her the other day.

Farrah explained it's nice to have support of family, especially in today's climate.

She said: "You know getting out of COVID-19 and then now dealing with riots and everything that Los Angeles is dealing with. I am so happy that I can call my mom.

"So our relationship is great. I love speaking with my family and I can't wait to visit her on a road trip this summer for our family vacation."

Farrah celebrated her birthday by appearing on podcast Celebrity Truth with Heather and Sham hosted by celebrity artist Sham Ibrahim and reality TV star Heather Chadwell.

The star and her daughter Sophia, 11, shared a unicorn ice cream cake and enjoyed a non-alcoholic toast with the hosts as she revealed she had been sober for some time.

She told Sham and Heather on the podcast: "I don't drink... I just don't do it any more, my brain has got to function, plus it's just good and it's good for my diet."

Farrah also revealed she is single and focused on college and being a "great' single mom.

"I'm not dating," she said. "I am actually so immersed in my bachelor's program and just investing in myself right now.

"And Sophia and I are just being able to spend so much time together, like our mother and daughter relationship is amazing.

"I wish I had that growing up, so I'm just focused on being a single mom and that's what I'm great at."

She added: "Sophia is doing great. She's making music, she's looking at some stuff for her fall release.

The reality star explained her daughter is "doing acting and her music and she's doing great.

"She gets to enjoy summer, so we're going to do a road trip and see family in Iowa."

Even though Farrah and her mom are no longer on Teen Mom OG, they are still very involved with all the MTV drama.

Debra was criticized by Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry after she claimed the mother-of-three doesn't "believe" in the coronavirus pandemic.

Farrah's mom posted a video of herself discussing the coronavirus pandemic claiming: "I was saddened to hear that Kailyn from Teen Mom doesn’t believe in the current COVID-19 pandemic we are all going through right now."

However, Kailyn fired back: "When the f**k did I ever say I didn't believe there was a pandemic."

Farrah was also slammed for allowing her daughter to watch her physical fight with Amber Portwood at the Teen Mom reunion.

And she also called out her former costars, Tyler Baliterra and Catelynn Lowell, after The Sun revealed the couple owed over $800,000 in taxes.

She claimed in a video that even her daughter Sophia knows how to do taxes.

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