A moving video showing teachers talking about being bullied when they were younger has been played in a school.

Pupils at Perins School in New Alresford, Hampshire, were stunned into silence when they watched the clip.

In the video, the teachers describe how they struggled with depression and even self-harmed due to the impact of being bullied.

They said they hoped talking about their personal experiences would mean pupils felt they could come forward with their problems.

Science teacher Luke Adam, 25, who was bullied for having red hair, said: ‘I’ve had bust lips, I’ve had black eyes, I’ve been kicked.



Drama teacher Andee Jordan, 40, added: ‘I wanted to get involved in this project because it was my teacher who helped me and that was part of why I became a teacher myself.’

Science teacher Helen Rowe, 35, admitted some of the teachers were scared because of the personal nature of the video but they were still keen to get involved.

She said: ‘When Mel emailed us, she asked if any of us thought that was something we would like to get involved in.

‘I immediately said it was something I would love to do.’

Director of Music Melanie Cotton came up with the idea because she wanted to speak to victims of bullying as well as people who were standing by and not saying anything.

The 32-year-old, who was bullied in university, said: ‘I showed the kids the video in assembly and I was concerned they might take the mickey a bit.

‘They all watched it in silence. I have never seen anything like it. Afterwards there was just complete silence.

‘That’s unheard of behaviour in a school.’

Perins School is an academy school for children aged 11 to 16 years, based in the small market town of Alresford.