STUDENTS at a Teesside school have been keen to learn more about the earthquake that shook Teesside this morning.

The movement, which happened at 5.58am, had its epicentre in Stockton.

Ian Ramsay C of E Academy is a little over two miles from the shake and many students were woken by the tremor – which gave teachers the chance to explain just what the incident was all about.

Lyndsey Hogg, head of humanities at the Academy on Fairfield Road, said: “From the moment they came in, a lot of students wanted to know more about it.

“We looked at it on a map to see how close we were to it and were able to dig deeper and look at the wider impact. This only registered three on the Richter Scale and it woke many up, but there was also one in Italy at the same time – we looked at if this one was as a result of that as well.

“The students were able to show a bit of empathy and understanding. What would have happened if it was bigger here? It caused things to rattle and shake here, but other quakes are much bigger.

“Today was a good chance to make the most of the opportunity and jump on the interest the students were showing in the earthquake when they arrived at school. From a learning point of view, it’s been very useful!’’