A teacher had a chunk of his scalp ripped off when his head got caught on a truck part that dragged him down the road. 

The lorry had a metal telescopic leg sticking out its side, which hit the teacher while he was jogging in April last year.

The driver, unaware of what happened, continued down a street pulling the man along until he landed face-down. 

On top of having to get a large bit of his scalp stapled back onto his head, he suffered vertebrae and rib fractures and a small brain bleed. 

The truck was being driven by Andrew Brady, 59, on his first day of an agency job. 

Although he was an experienced Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver, he had ‘little or no training’ for this new job, Newcastle Crown Court heard. 

Mr Brady had noticed there was a fault in his lorry but he did not realise it had caused the telescopic leg to protrude off the truck. 

He took it to a local garage in Boldon, South Tyneside, but the business was closed. 

Despite not being able to fix the vehicle, he said he continued driving it because he was under ‘pressure and stress’ on his first day and did not want to lose his job. 

Mr Brady only grasped what had happened when he noticed the telescopic leg hitting a pedestrian barrier. 

Mr Brady’s defence lawyer said: ‘This wasn’t deliberate, it was a terrible mistake, as the victim of this case recognises, very generously so.’ 

The lawyer added there had been a ‘rush’ to get Mr Brady onto the road that April morning and his induction ‘could have been better’. 

The victim remembers running and then ‘being flat on the ground, having no idea what had happened’ while ‘bleeding heavily’. 

Nevertheless, he recovered well after four days in hospital with an uncomfortable neck brace. 

The teacher said he holds no ill feelings for the driver. 

He said: ‘I am now at least able to see it – that clearly a terrible mistake was made that should not have happened.

‘The gentleman himself (Mr Brady) will have to live with the consequences of his actions and the harm that was caused.

‘I would like to wish him well and I hope he can put this behind him, as my wife and I are trying to.’ 

Mr Brady was handed a 20-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, along with an order to work 200 unpaid hours. 

He was also banned from driving for two years. 

Judge Tim Gittins called the accident ‘horrifying’ and said Mr Brady would have to live with what he did ‘for the rest of his days’. 

He said the victim’s impact statement was ‘the most truly impressive’ he had ever read and addressing Mr Brady directly, added: ‘He (the victim) clearly bears you no malice and has, with time, been able to see this for the tragic accident that it was.’

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