Taylor Swift and Prince Harry have been sharing the same bodyguards.

A couple of bodyguards who have been part of the Shake It Off singer's team were spotted working alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their recent trip to New York.

One is a former police officer for the New York Police Department, who also works as part of Taylor's team as her head of security.

The man - known as Jimmy - was seen alongside the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their recent trip to New York, alongside another man, according to the Daily Mail.

Both were spotted standing guard outside the Carlyle hotel on the Upper East Side as well as liaising with other security officers including one that appeared to work for the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Meghan and Harry have been spotted with the same security guards as Taylor Swift (


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The man is believed to also work for Taylor Swift as her head of security (


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It is not known whether Taylor actually loaned her team to Harry and Meghan or if they were just hired by the Sussexes from a firm.

In her bombshell Oprah interview, Meghan previously claimed security was taken away from them both and their son Archie when they stepped down as senior royals back in 2020 - and they alleged they barely had any time to plan an alternative.

They have since been funding their own security team.

Matt Fiddes, a former personal bodyguard to Michael Jackson, says Meghan and Harry's New York security was equal to "government presidential protection".

Harry and Meghan were in New York to attend Global Citizen Live (


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Taylor also has the same team protect her (



"The level of security around Meghan and Harry in New York is far greater than you would see with a megastar such as the late Michael Jackson or anyone else I have protected at the highest showbiz level," he told the Daily Star.

"What they had in New York is similar to government presidential protection like the Secret Service."

It is believed Harry and Meghan could spend around $12,000 a day on their security since quitting the royal family.

"No two days are the same," former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan told news.com.au of the couple's likely arrangements.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the Global Citizen Live event in New York (


Harry and Meghan also toured One World Trade Center (


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"A lot of work has gone into that one day that you actually see - maybe not just weeks but months in the planning. A day in the life of a royal bodyguard is quite high-pressured. There’s a lot riding on you, you wear lots of different hats."

He continued: "You’re looking at a very large package that’s commensurate with the risks.

"You’re not just talking about man-hours, you’re talking about a big package that goes into that. And certainly once they start to travel, that is when the cost implications increase quite significantly."

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