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Taxi driver slams ‘devilish’ jobsworth traffic warden who fined him £50 as he helped disabled women

A CABBIE has slammed a ‘devilish’ traffic warden who slapped him with a £50 fine while he helped two disabled passengers into his taxi.

Self-employed Darren Renshaw, of Manchester, almost exclusively helps disabled people and has a specially-adapted vehicle to allow wheelchair access.

His two female passengers, both in their 70s, were attending the Big Band Broadway Show at The Bridgewater Hall last Sunday.

The ladies were left "shaken" and physically upset after the altercation at around 5pm.

As Darren unloaded the wheelchair ramp to get one woman in, a sour-faced warden approached and wasted no time in issuing him a £50 ticket despite the obvious circumstances.

Darren, 55, told The Sun Online: “I was pushing the wheelchair in and he plonked the parking ticket on my windscreen. I honestly thought he was joking at first until I saw his face.

“I asked him what he was doing, for him to snarl at me and say 'I don’t care who’s getting in, wheelchair access isn’t allowed here'.

“He had no compassion. I’ve been doing this job for 25 years and have never known anything like it.

“I didn’t want to argue with him because the ladies had started getting upset, so I took his photograph and got everybody in.”

The warden then approached a driver collecting seven wheelchair users behind Darren and shockingly issued him a fine too.

A post on the incident has been shared thousands of times online with many others citing similar experiences with the same jobsworth warden.

A notoriously difficult pick-up location, especially for disabled attendees, there is only a limited number of disabled bays in the surrounding area of The Bridgewater Hall.

Darren continued, “I could understand if I was causing an obstruction or it was a busy Friday night but it was a quiet Sunday afternoon. Passers-by were calling him a disgrace.

“He was a menace. He looked like the bloody devil.”

The unnamed traffic warden is believed to be well known amongst cab drivers in the city centre for his hostile attitude and brutal approach to reaching his ticket quota.

The ramp for Darren’s vehicle requires a raised pavement to prop it on, for a smooth transition into the vehicle.
A spokesperson for Manchester City Council said: “An appeals process is in place for anybody who feels that they have been given a parking ticket in error and we encourage people to use this, so that we can formally review the circumstances in which it was issued.

“We have not received any complaints about this alleged incident.

“We do urge anybody who has concerns about the conduct of the officer who is working on our behalf to report them to us, so that we can investigate.”

Outraged Darren added: “I am going to appeal the ticket. I’m not making millions, I was just doing my job and trying to help the ladies have a nice day out.

“It put a huge dampener on the day for them.”

The Bridgewater Hall website states that the lay-by in question is a designated wheelchair drop-off point, but drivers and even blue badge holders cannot park there.