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Taiwan Earthquake: Monstrous 6.2 tremor felt like ‘explosion’ - ‘Biggest I’ve experienced’

Early reports suggest the eastern part of the island was shaken with a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake. The quake was at a depth of 40 km (25 miles), said EMSC.

Footage on Twitter shows a balcony collapse onto the street below as the earthquake was too strong.

“The wall of my balcony collapsed! This time it was quite long and quite powerful,” tweeted Story_taiwan.

“It was the first time I experienced such a strong earthquake, and it scared me to death!”

Others like Terrible_Spy said the earthquake was “strong”.

William Yang, correspondent for German DW News, tweeted that Taiwan’s Yilan County, in the northeast, experienced two earthquakes with a first one of magnitude 6.5 and a second one of magnitude 5.4 a minute later.

Taipei’s public transportation service has announced the suspension of all lines according to Mr Yang.

On Twitter, Kaosprobabilist described the earthquake as “scary”.

“One of the shock waves echoed like a bomb explosion” he added.


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“Wow that was the biggest earthquake I’ve experienced in Taiwan,” tweeted Michael (MWStory).

“Shaking started just before the alarms sounded too so it came as a total surprise. All ok in our household,” he added.

On Twitter, BX2ABT, who claims to live in the northern part of the island, said they only felt a 4.0 magnitude earthquake.

“Lamp swaying, some AA batteries rolled off a shelf, but otherwise, we’re fine.

“We did get a presidential alert, though, so that system is working fine.”

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