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Swinging couples boast of having sex in Jeremy Corbyn’s allotment


SWINGING couples are boasting of going to Jeremy Corbyn’s allotment to flaunt their meat and two veg.

They even claim to chant Labour rallying cry “Ohh Jeremy Corbyn” during sordid romps.

Punter markymark404 told an online forum: “I’ve been in London on business and got chatting to a couple I know who love a bit of dogging down there.

“They’ve got down and dirty with a few others on an allotment. They found out later that Jeremy Corbyn has a veg patch there.

“That’s bloody ace. What a political statement. F**k ’em all I say — Labour, Tories and Lib Dems.”

A female user said: “Chanting Ohh Jeremy while doing it gives me an extra tingle.”

Another claimed: “We’re getting to Jezza’s veg patch asap. Any other comers? It’s easy to find — it’s the one with the big manure heap covered with blue plastic.”

A couple chimed in: “We’ll be there. Can’t wait to f*** over Corbyn again.”

Swingers also mocked Corbyn for Labour’s biggest election loss in 84 years.

Female user Hotlovefun42 said: “Oops Jeremy Corbyn.”

He has campaigned for prostitution to be legalised.

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