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Swimming club hits £10k fundraising target

A SWIMMING club has hit its target of raising £10,000 to secure its future after a dedicated fundraising drive – and it can now receive £10,000 match funding from Sport England.

Richmond Dales Amateur Swimming Club, based at Richmond Swimming Pool, has launched its '10k for 10k' appeal in January and has already raised more than £12,500.

But the club is still working hard to raise as much finding as they can.

Sarah Johnson, fundraising secretary for the club, said: "We have been so lucky to have received so many rewards from club members, friends and family of club members and local business, there are still rewards available on the Crowd Funder campaign, and we would really like to see some of the corporate business packages pledged for.

"There are also Middlesbrough Football Club sportswear for sale, kindly organised and donated by club coach Leo Percovich, whose son swims with the club, so well worth a look at the rewards.

Club members signed up to compete 10k in a style of their choice when we reach the target, including walking, running, cycling and skipping. Two coaches have decided to parachute jump.

Junior potential coach Keith Hall said: “As coaches we spend a lot of our time challenging and pushing our swimmers to do things they didn’t think they could, taking them out of comfort zones and really pushing them.

"I think it’s time I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to do something that tests me. I have done a lot of challenging things but a parachute jump is the one thing that has always been the one thing that really does scare me.

"I want to help secure the future of the club that has given so much to my own children and hundreds of others, no matter what their ability.”

Junior development coach Zoe Cowan said: "A parachute jump is something that I have always wanted to do, but has not quite been the right time. We spend everyday encouraging swimmers to face their fears to be the best they can be – whether it’s on the block to do their first standing dive or swimming the 800m freestyle for the first time."


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