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Supermodel Bella Hadid gives New York cops the middle finger and calls them out for not wearing masks during COVID

MODEL Bella Hadid gave the NYPD the middle finger while shaming officers for failing to wear masks in a series of snaps on her Instagram.

The model, 23, shared pics on Wednesday that show her in the New York City streets, donning her own mask, while standing several yards in front of different groups of cops.

In the first snap, Hadid urged followers to "WEAR A MASK," while three cops stood behind her sans masks on the street. She added, "u guys look goofy," with arrows pointing to the officers.

In her next dig, Hadid stood in front of another group off mask-free officers - this time flipping them the bird - and added the caption, "Hey @nypd masks are for all of our safety, not just urs..... :)"

The model's outrage may be due to the fact that she is immunocompromised herself due to Lyme disease, according to The Daily Mail, which may put her at a particular risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

The model appears to be back in New York for work, but she spent the early days of coronavirus lockdown on her mother Yolanda Hadid's massive farm in Pennsylvania.

Since much of the country went into some form of lockdown in March, Hadid has been very vocal about her stance on working together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

"As healthy young people, social distancing is not about you personally .. it's time to not be selfish, but to be thoughtful and aware of those with immune systems that are more prone to contracting," the model wrote in a March Instagram post.

"It's important to take this time seriously to slow down the spreading of the virus ... I'd say it's better to overreact then [sic] under-react."

"Please keep your moral compass ON during these times and show compassion to others," she added.

New York state, which was once the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, has seen significant progress in slowing the spread over the past four months - even as case numbers continue to jump elsewhere in the country.

There is currently a mask mandate in the state which requires everyone to wear a face covering while outdoors when maintaining six feet of distance is not possible.

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