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Sunken medieval village to emerge from Italian lake for first time in 26 years

A "LOST" medieval village could emerge from the waters of of an artificial Italian lake.

This is according to reports that the reservoir containing the sunken village of Fabbriche di Careggine is going to be drained.

The archaeological remains of the village are said to have been drowned by the artificial lake Vagli in 1953 when a dam was built.

However, they reemerge when the lake is drained during maintenance work.

This last happened 26 years ago in 1994.

In a Facebook post back in May, Lorenza Giorgi, daughter of the former mayor of the area wrote: "I inform you that from certain sources I know that next year, in 2021, Lake Vagli will be emptied."

Italian energy company Enel manages the lake.

A spokesmen for Enel told Fox News: "Regarding the recovery of the village of the Fabbriche di Careggine, a memorandum of understanding is currently in the process of being formalized between our Group and the municipality of Vagli di Sotto to support the 'Progetto Essere 2020 - Vagli.

"A workgroup will be started to determine the feasibility of the project.

"Official communications will follow shortly."

So we know the project may start in 2020 but that's no guarantee the village will emerge this year and 2021 would be more likely.

More than one million people apparently visited the ghostly remains of the Tuscan medieval village last time it reappeared, according to Giorgi.

The village is said to date back to around the 12th or 13th century and is thought to have been a home for iron workers.

The Italian Mulinoisola website reports that the village was evacuated in 1947, seven years before it was flooded.

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