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Sunderland AFC news LIVE: FPP Sunderland investment revealed as £9m loan

Hunter's take on investment

FPP Sunderland’s investment in the football club has been revealed as £9m loan secured against the Stadium of Light and the Academy of Light, according to documents filed at Companies House.

The investment by FPP, a vehicle for US-based businessmen Glenn Furhman, John Phelan, and Robert Platek, was first revealed a fortnight ago but save for the fact that the money amounted to a sum ‘approaching eight figures’ and had been funnelled through Madrox Partners - the holding company through which Stewart Donald , Juan Sartori, and Charlie Methven own Sunderland AFC - the details of the deal were shrouded in mystery.

FPP Sunderland have agreed an investment deal with Sunderland
FPP Sunderland have agreed an investment deal with Sunderland (Image: Daily Mirror)

On the Roker Rapport podcast on Saturday , Methven said: “The arrangements between FPP and Madrox - which is Stewart, mine and Juan Sartori’s holding company - are entirely private.

“They [FPP] have no financial connection with Sunderland AFC and that’s the way it will stay.”

But a charge registered at Companies House has meant that some of those details are now a matter of public record, and they have revealed that the money is in fact a $12m (approximately £9.3m at today’s exchange rates) loan, secured against club assets including the stadium and training ground.

You can read the full story from James Hunter here.

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