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Sunday Headline: Family Anger at Knee Optim's Death and Urgent Search for Scottish Boys

Good evening, welcome to the press conference on Sunday.

The top articles on the Daily Record website are: Family anger at the death of his knee mother, an urgent search for Scottish schoolboys has begun, and Liam Gallagher fans are stuck.

Read on to see the main headlines from today.

Scottish family anger at the death of Optimum on the knee given the wrong drug

Linda Allan died ten days after a keen operation at Victoria Hospital in Fife
Linda Allan died 10 days after a sharp operation at Fif's Victoria Hospital

Mother broke her knee toA&EI went, but eight days later she suffered and died after being given by a doctor. She took the wrong medicine.

Linda Allan, 59, was admitted to theVictoria Hospitalin Kirkcaldy,Fife, after falling to her home.

However, her doctor gave her a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, which reacted with her stomach ulcer and left terrible pain.

Despite the success of her knee surgery, the two mothers suffered from multiple organ failure, which led to her death.

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An urgent search has been launched to track a Scottish schoolboy missing overnight

Kayden Campbell
Kayden Campbell

Urgent search started,Tracked a Scottish boy who was reported to have lostovernight.

Cayden Campbell disappeared from Lanarkshire'sShotslast night, and she was last seen on a station road takeaway around 10 pm.

A 14-year-old child is described as white, 5 feet tall, with brown hair and blue eyes and a slender figure.

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Today's Top Trend Story

Liam Gallagher fans get stuck after a Hampden gig in the turmoil of the Glasgow railroad

Thousands of Liam Gallagher fans are expected to descend into Glasgow tonight
Thousands of Liam Gallagher fans are expected to come down to Glasgow tonight

Liam Gallagherfans in Glasgow tonight drastically reduce services in the city due to railroad turmoil You may get stuck because you have been.

Thousands of ticket owners are expected to land atHampden Parkbefore the 4 pm rock'n'roll icon show.

However, ScotRail warns those who drink up to consider travel options due to the temporary timetable currently scheduled for Sunday.

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Helicopter and lifeboat crew rescue two Scottish children after a blast kayak drifts into the sea

RNLI crews scrambled to save the two youths
RNLI crew scrambled to save two young people

The crew of the helicopter and lifeboat moved to the sea in an inflatable kayak to rescue the two drifting children.

The Coast Guardand the RNLI team scrambled the incident in Moray Firth yesterday at 3:27 pm.

The alert was issued by a worried adult on the coastline of Portsoy.

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Lewis Capaldi attracts fans because he reveals the general reason why he never recorded an album in the blockade

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi fans have revealed whystardidn't make a new album during the blockade.

During agigin Dublin on Saturday, Lewis revealed that he spent most of his time during a pandemic "masturbation". ..

Scottish crooners joked when they played against a sold-out crowd at Malahide Castle more than two years after the show was about to take place.

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