A Sunday People-loving gran left her family an amazing time capsule – our stories from 65 years ago.

Isabel Chapman kept fun pages from October 21, 1956, predicting how life might be in 2021.

The Bradford housewife, who died aged 78, left a note not to open it until this year.

Grandson Simon, 55, said it was “emotional” as “she was thinking about me, my kids and grandkids long before I was born”.

One article imagines a 2021 in which football is played in the sky – with players flying helicopters.

Another depicts a “Feed the Fishes” murder of a woman in a future Channel Tunnel.

Some of the pages of the newspaper (


Asadour Guzelian)

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And a man falls asleep in a freezer room waking 20 years later to find he’s only an hour older.

But one prediction was spot on – forecasting a 2021 summer, with “rain, floods and sullen skies”.

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