Ditch the packed lunch tomorrow because Subway is giving away free six-inch subs.

The chain is celebrating its annual Customer Appreciation Day, which means diners can get a free sarnie when they buy a large drink.

The offer was posted on the ever useful latestdeals.co.uk

The post reads: "You can get a free Subway on Thursday February 6th 2020.

"It’s here again: You can get a free Subway! This was very popular last year! Last year it was a free 6 inch sub when you buy another Sub. This year it will apparently be a free 6 inch sub when you buy a large drink.

"Not every Subway store does the free Subways, as Subway is a franchise and so they don't all have to follow the promotions. But hundreds of stores usually do it across the UK."

In 2019, Subway launched a buy one, get one free deal on its six-inch subs to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day.

And back in 2018, it decided to extend the offer for a month. When customers went into a store they were given two vouchers, both were redeemable from February 15 to March 15.

Subway has not confirmed if it will be extending the offer this time round.

The nationwide chain sells a wide range of sarnies, including chicken, tuna, ham, veggie and vegan varieties.