Nicola Sturgeon yesterday strongly hinted that Scotland will follow England in scrapping PCR tests for fully vaccinated travellers returning to the country.

The UK Government has confirmed the move and the First Minister is expected to do the same this week.

It’s a sensible decision and one that will come as a relief for numerous Scottish businesses – and holidaymakers.

Just three days ago, the Scottish Government said it would not drop the testing requirements due to concerns over the impact on public health.

No doubt the aim of this divergence from the English rules was based on the best of intentions.

But the consequences would have been dire.

It would have meant holidaymakers travelling home to Scotland having to take a Covid test before leaving their holiday destination – and then paying for a costly PCR test within two days of arriving home.

But those travelling into English airports would be spared that extra hassle and expense.

The divergence caused tourism operators in Scotland to claim that jobs would be lost and businesses would go under as a result.

The stark reality is that Scots holidaymakers would simply have booked flights from English airports to get round the law.

So any public health benefit would be lost – and Scotland’s struggling tourism sector would still suffer.

Now it looks like the First Minister is having a rethink – and she is right to do so.

On matters like these, a four-nation approach where all parts of the UK work together is not only sensible – it is vital.

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