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Sturgeon and SNP are 'desperate' to see Brexit fail in order to launch independence agenda

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party told that the Scottish Government needed to find solutions so that the whole of the United Kingdom can succeed outside of the European Union. Mr Carlaw also outlined his strong opposition to another referendum on Scottish independence and ruled out supporting one.  

Mr Carlaw said: "We need to find solutions so that the whole of the United Kingdom together makes a success outside the European Union.

"All the SNP are interested in doing is seeing Brexit fail in order to try and use that to try and step up support for another independence referendum.

"I am determined we will not support and there will not be.

"But that is the SNP’s agenda and that is what is so potentially damaging to us outside the European Union."

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Nicola Sturgeon has been the First Minister of Scotland for five years (Image: Getty)

During the same interview with Mr Carlaw blasted Scotland's First Minister's plan to secure another independence referendum as empty rhetoric. 

Mr Carlaw said: "I don’t think she has got a plan B.

"I think that Nicola Sturgeon’s plan B is to keep shouting about this and hope that enough people who support independence will believe her and continue to pursue what I think is empty rhetoric.

"She hasn’t got a plan B.

"Constitutionally matters are reserved to the UK Parliament.

"There is no legal way to hold a referendum."

He continued: "We promised people six years ago that it would be a once in a generation referendum.

"We can debate how long a generation is, but we know what it is not.

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Jackson Carlaw was elected the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party in February 2020 (Image: Getty)

"It is not five years and it is not 10.

"So there is no prospect in my view of Nicola Sturgeon being able to hold a referendum this year."

While Mr Carlaw has been a vocal critic of the record of the SNP in government, he has vowed to stand by the First Minister through-out the COVID-19 crisis.

He said in the Scottish Parliament earlier this month: "Scottish Conservatives will stand with the First Minister, and assure her, that the questions we will ask will be measured and entirely designed to inform and not hinder the national effort she is leading."

He added: "We are, as both the Prime Minister and the First Minister have said, all in this together, and this party in this parliament will stand together with the Scottish Government."

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