As the number of countries taken off the travel corridor list grows ever higher, the hassle of going abroad is turning many Brits off booking a holiday overseas. But if a trip abroad is looking unlikely, why not swap it with a visit to one of the many look-a-like destinations situated right here on home soil?

Online booking platform, eviivo, have curated 12 incredible UK locations that are our homegrown equivalents to some of the world’s greatest tourist attractions, and identified some of the amazing independent accommodation in those areas for holidaymakers looking to stay nearby for a home away from home.

1. Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland, UK or The Great Wall of China, Huairou District, China

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Stretching across 70 miles of British countryside, Hadrian’s Wall might not be quite as long as its East Asian equivalent. However, steeped in Roman history and offering breath-taking views, holidaymakers can rest assured Hadrian’s Wall still offers tourists a wonderful alternative. Luxury B&B, Carraw Bed and Breakfast is but a stone’s throw away from Hadrian’s Wall

Photo credits: Hadrian’s Wall – Shutterstock, Great Wall of China - Shutterstock

2. National Monument, Edinburgh, UK or The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

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The architectural resemblance between the two monuments could trick the untrained eye – each a feast of classical engineering waiting to be explored, yet one only requires a gentle train ride to Edinburgh (you do the maths!) The Guest Room, a stately bed and breakfast property, is only a mile away from the National Monument for those that want to visit Scotland’s Acropolis.

Photo credits: National Monument – Pixabay, The Acropolis – Yang Yang (Unsplash)

3. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, UK or Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

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Tourists missing out on their trip to the Grand Canyon this year can still get their fill of breath-taking views and historic cliffs at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset. These deep gorges offer a Grand Canyon-style adventure on a slightly smaller scale. B&B property Nyland Manor and The Stables is in close proximity to Cheddar Gorge, saving holidaymakers the 5,000 mile trip to the wilds of Arizona.

Photo credits: Cheddar Gorge – Shutterstock, Grand Canyon – Shutterstock

4. Royal Pavilion, Brighton, UK or Taj Mahal, Agra, India

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Built in the Indo-Saracenic style the Brighton Pavilion is a fantastic British alternative to the Taj Mahal. Both recognisable by their brilliant white domes, these incredible buildings have history waiting to be discovered. In a mere distance of a mile from the local landmark, stylish Regency-inspired B&B, No.27, offers a luxurious home away from home holiday experience.

Photo credits: Royal Pavilion – Shutterstock, Taj Mahal – Jovyn Chamb (Unsplash)

5. Blackpool Tower, Blackpool, UK or Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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Blackpool, often labelled the Paris of the North, features its own iconic and beautiful tower. Both Blackpool Tower and the Eiffel Tower offer amazing panoramic views of their surroundings and in Blackpool’s case, far across the Irish Sea. Close-by, 5-star rated guest house The Arthington offers a touch of flair to those wishing to visit the 125 year old landmark

Photo credits: Blackpool Tower – Shutterstock, Eiffel Tower – Pixabay

6. Angel of North, Gateshead, UK or Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Those planning to pay Christ the Redeemer a visit this year who no longer can due to COVID-19 can be sure the Angel of the North provides a jaw-dropping alternative. The weather may not be as good in the North East as it is in Rio but the Gateshead landmark is an equally stunning work of art. Situated just a few miles of this popular UK landmark, self-catering holiday cottage Low Urpeth Farm offers a warm welcome to visitors.

Photo credits: Angel of the North – Pixabay, Christ the Redeemer – Shutterstock

7. Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, UK or Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Offering tourists ocean views from great heights, both of these look-a-like landmarks show off the beautiful surroundings – Portsmouth and Dubai. For holidaymakers that can’t make it to the luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, Orchard Apartment in Portsmouth makes for a great stay – just shy of 2 miles away from the sail-like Spinnaker Tower.

Photo credits: Spinnaker Tower – Shutterstock, Burj Al Arab – Shutterstock

8. Ben Nevis, Scotland, UK or Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains, Peru

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Attracting tourists to their vast mountain tops and greenery, Scotland and Peru host the explorer’s ultimate dream location. If you don’t fancy the five day hike up the Inca trail, enjoy a much more leisurely and equally as stunning trek through the rolling hills of Ben Nevis. Offering a budgeted version of the Machu Picchu, Brits can opt for a stay in Shelbeck B&B – only 2.5 miles from the highest mountain in the British Isles

Photo credits: Ben Nevis – Pixabay, Machu Picchu – Nad Hemnani (Unsplash)

9. The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, UK or Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy


Instead of punting through the canals of Venice, why not try something a bit different and much closer to home? Similar in their architectural design, these European bridges based in Cambridge and Venice are some of the cities’ most significant tourist attractions. A mere two miles away from The Bridge of Sighs, tourists can stay in comfortable B&B 5 Chapel Street.

Photo credits: The Bridge of Sighs – Shutterstock, Rialto Bridge – Damian Baschiera (Unsplash)

10. Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK or Delphi Theatre, Delphi, Greece

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Famous for their rich history of open-air theatres, The Delphi Theatre is just one of the well-known attractions in Greece. The world famous Minack Theatre in Cornwall replicates the Grecian open-air venue overlooking the panorama of Porthcurno Bay. Close by sits Higher Faugan Parc, a perfect property for holiday makers to call home and explore the wonders of Cornwall.

Photo credits: Minack Theatre – Shutterstock, Delphi Theatre – Shutterstock

11. Humber Bridge, Yorkshire, UK or The Golden Gate Bridge, California, USA

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Both are incredible suspension bridges that span huge distances. However, the Humber Bridge offers a wonderful alternative for jet setters that don’t want a 10-hour flight to San Francisco. Brits can treat themselves to a luxury stay 1.5 mikes away from Golden Gate’s look alike in the Yorkshire-based property Bardney Hall.

Photo credits: Humber Bridge – Pixabay, The Golden Gate – Shutterstock

12. Great Pagoda, London, UK or Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi, Vietnam


Inspired by East Asia building designs, the 18 th century Great Pagoda in Kew, London mirrors the wonderous 6 th century Vietnamese Hanoi Pagoda with its layered high-rise aesthetic. Kew is a far easier location to travel to these days offers tourists a beautiful Asian wonder much, much closer to home. Less than a mile away from the Great Pagoda, Kew Gardens B&B offers a delightful local place for visitors to stay.

Photo credits: Great Pagoda – Shutterstock, Tran Quoc Pagoda – Shutterstock