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Students will receive university offers only after getting A-level results in radical admissions reform

The Sun


PUPILS will receive university offers only after their A-level results in radical reforms to the admissions system, it was reported last night.

University bosses are supporting plans to stop students relying on either the inaccurate predictions by their teachers or unconditional offers that require no A-levels at all.

A revised system - based on exam results - has been included as one of three options in the Office for Students’ official consultation on admissions reform, which is being sent to universitys today, The Times said.

Vice-chancellors are already discussing it as the best way forward - with the present admissions system under increasing criticism for its lack of transparency.

There have been sustained attacks on unconditional offers which universities often make to force pupils into agreeing to study with them.

Twenty five per cent of applicants received an unconditional offer last year, compared with 3.1 per cent five years ago, when they were given only to the most able students.

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