A student says the sex industry has 'saved her' after quitting a job in a call centre to work in a massage parlour.

The woman says she quit the call centre job because of the impact it was having on her mental health

"That job no longer suited me," she said. "I had been working there for over a year and it was not something I saw myself doing for the rest of my life.

"I wanted to finish my studies and do something that made me feel happy - and that job didn't anymore."

She told BristolLive : "I think the [sex] industry has saved me.

"Sex work has changed my life for the best and I just want to educate people.

"I feel a lot happier in myself."

The student in her early 20s, who has asked not to be identified, says 'doing full service work' is convenient as she gets to choose her own hours and has a good work-life balance.

"I get to choose the hours and days so I have total flexibility," she said. "I was not pimped or exploited in any way.

"I am completely comfortable and safe where I am. What I earned in a month at the call centre, I can earn in a week doing full service.

"The job has given me a lot of confidence and it has taught me a lot about my body and what I enjoy and don't enjoy.

"By doing this job, I am not hurting anyone. I feel happy and I feel safe, as well as getting a lot of freedom.

"I enjoy my job and I do get pleasure out of it sometimes. The clients get pleasure out of it too, which makes me feel good."

The student was bullied for her looks when she was younger, and says the job has given her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Finding the job online by approaching the massage parlour, Camila had a trial day first.

"They want to make sure the girl is ok and to give you the opportunity to see what it is like," she said. "I really enjoyed it.

"I saw 11 clients on that day. All the clients were really lovely and that reaffirmed my decision.

"I was a bit nervous to start off with, I am not going to lie, but I was getting comfortable and I really enjoy it now.

"I feel really empowered by doing it. I get complemented left, right and centre - it is not just the clients, it is also the other girls.

"The girls in the industry are all so supportive of each other."

Camila says most of her clients as respectful and nice, and include women and couples.

Clients are aged between 18 and 80 and some just want some company and someone to talk to.

Others want a massage, some want to be dominated. She sees anything from one to more than 10 clients a day.

She does double shifts of 16 hours and works around her studies.

She said: "If they want to spend money just because they are lonely or because they want to experience things and be more open, that is what they choose to do.

"It is none of my business. We have a mixture of regulars and some of the girls will have their own regulars - I have a couple of them myself.

"We get some that are completely new and I have come across people that are really nervous. I always want to make sure they [her clients] are at ease and comfortable."

There are around 10 women working at the massage parlour and she described them as "really lovely and chilled", adding they all seem comfortable with what they are doing and none have been trafficked.

She said: "For me, selling my body, it does not bother me. I know how to keep it separate.

"I had had multiple one night stands so I knew what to expect - I just do not get emotionally involved, for me it is just a job.

"If it pays the bills, I would rather that than being in debt."

She said the maximum number of women that she has seen working at any one time has been four, but she has also had shifts where she is on her own.

The most common booking is for 30 minutes, she explained, while two-hour bookings are very rare.

The highest tip she has ever had was £100. She added the amount of money she makes on a day varies hugely, adding the most she has ever earned in a day was £900 - but that there are other days where it could be just £40.

She said the massage parlour gets to keep 50 per cent of the money, but that any extras or tips are kept by the workers.

Camila said: "It makes me feel safe knowing that there is somebody there to look after me and the other girls.

"I know there is a darker side to it and I know what I have signed up for. Things like rape or sexual assault.

"I have been raped as well as sexually harassed and assaulted, but they were all outside work.

"They were mostly in nightclubs and in bedrooms."

The women get their own bedroom and showers, together with a space to watch TV while they wait for clients.

They don't have security, she continued.

"I know that I am putting myself at risk," she said. "I don't know when a client comes through the door if they are going to be ok or if they are going to try to hurt me.

"If they are a regular, I feel more at ease. I try to read them - I want to know what they are comfortable with and what their intentions are."

Camila said they have had incidents of clients that want to film them, or that hide cameras, adding that clients do get banned but that it is very rare they get trouble.

Camila said that, in the time she has been working there, police have only been to the massage parlour once.

"I just want to work, make money and be safe - just like everybody else that has a simple nine to five job," she said.

"I have chosen to do this myself and there are many other women who have chosen to do the same.

"I am not interested in an exit route, I am happy where I am. I can not help that there is a demand for sexual services.

"I do not see why they should restrict people - you can't eradicate the industry, there will always be a demand for it.

"I am over 18, I know what I am getting myself in to and I am fine with it."

She said she is in a loving relationship and that her partner is fine with her job - but she does not tell family or friends.

"It is not easy to have to hide myself away from everybody else - it is very difficult," she said.

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