A student has suffered second degree burns after inadvertently stepping on a patch of sand where a disposable barbecue had been lit.

Ted Barton, 22, was celebrating the end of exams with friends at the beach and had decided to cook some burgers and sausages on a disposable grill.

After finishing cooking, the students let the barbecue cool before kicking around sand to help. But the patch of sand where it had been remained scorching hot.

Ted put the cooled barbecue in the bin before returning to collect his things, but on the way back he stepped in the patch where the barbecue had been put down.

The horrific burns covered a large proportion of Ted's foot

After feeling the searing pain, Ted limped the 140 metres or so to the sea to quench the burn, before lifeguards put his foot in a plastic 'sandwich bag' and he got a taxi to hospital.

Ted subsequently spent a week in hospital recovering from his injuries as nurses had to repeatedly burst around ten blisters on his foot, as well as cutting and tearing away the dead skin.

The cyber security student at Northumbria University is still unable walk, two weeks after his injury, and has had to take three weeks off from his bartending job.

Ted, from Newcastle, told Daily Record: “We had a great time. The beach was packed and we were watching a volleyball tournament that was on.

“I just wasn’t thinking about the hot sand. I was chatting with my friends and then it felt like something stung me and I gave out such a yell, and I ran, well half-hopped, to the sea.

Ted was hospitalised for a week
Ted was hospitalised for a week

“I knew straight away what I had done. I looked down and saw that the sand where the barbecue had been was a pinkish colour. That may have been the heat or blood from my foot.

“It really hurt, and I was gutted that I didn’t think about the sand being hot. It’s logical really - barbecues are over 200 degrees.

"Blisters started forming instantly all over the sole of my foot and in between my toes; wherever there is soft skin.

“It was agony, and I’m not one to mind pain usually.”

Pals had to carry 6ft Ted to help after sitting in the sea didn't help, on July 17.

Lifeguards cleaned sand and blood off his injuries with saline wipes, which was excruciating.

The scabbing on Ted's foot
The scabbing on Ted's foot

His foot was in a bucket of cold water for 30 minutes before they popped it in the special plastic bag, which they filled with water and sealed shut over his whole foot.

When he got to hospital, Ted said he kept "kicking" nurses as they tried to treat him due to being "really ticklish".

It now looks like a "zombie foot" because of the grim red, black and pink colour.

He is now calling for disposable barbecues to have warnings about where they are put.

“I feel lucky that no one else came near it," Ted added. "If it didn’t happen to me it would’ve happened to someone else.

“Everybody was moving about getting ready to go. I’ll have scars but I feel quite proud of all my other scars so far.

“The nurses in the burns unit and the lifeguards were all great. I had a really great time in hospital.”

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