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Stuck for things to do during coronavirus lockdown? Why not upcycle your old clobber like Victoria Beckham

DESIGNER Victoria Beckham has become a tie-dye expert during the lockdown . . . and you can try your hand too.

Dig out old gear from the back of your wardrobe and breathe new life into clothes you thought you would never wear again.

By upcycling old clobber you can get a fresh new look without harming your wallet or the planet. So get the kids involved with glitter, or become a perfectionist wielding a needle and thread.

Fabulous Fashion Editor Lynne McKenna shows how.


Always fancied trying a pussybow blouse, but not sure you can pull it off? Upcycle your own shirt with a bit of clever crafting and you can have a totally new look.

YOU’LL NEED: Fabric scissors, small pair of scissors or unpicker, pins, needle and thread, measuring tape.

Step one: Unpick sleeves at the armhole using an unpicker or small pair of scissors. To unpick, turn your sleeve inside out, slide under the stitching, cutting through the thread every three stitches. Do the same with the overlocked seam. Pull and remove from the seam.

Step two: Put sleeves to one side. Hem the raw edge of the open armhole using a blind hem stitch – perfect for hemming as it’s nearly invisible – using tiny stitches, spaced apart to sew the folded edge down.

Step three: For a perfectly fitting necktie, measure the height of the section under the collar and add 0.5cm to allow for the stitching. Lay your sleeve on a flat surface and, measuring in from the folded edge, mark your measurement on it then cut a strip this width along the length of the sleeve, cutting through both layers of fabric. Repeat this step for the second sleeve.

Step four: Unfold your two pieces of fabric so they are no longer doubled over, then sew the two ends together to make one long piece of fabric. Fold this in half along the entire length, then stitch along the length and one end.

Step five: Pull the fabric through the open end to conceal the seams, iron and stitch the open seam.

Step six: Put on blouse, button up, turn collar up and tie bow, place collar down for a new stylish way to wear your old white shirt.


Feel that you’re handy with a needle and thread? Show off your skills in the easiest way possible and let your clothes do the talking.

YOU’LL NEED: Thread, needle, pin, pencil.

Step one: Decide on your design – I went for a quote from the cover of one of my favourite books – and mark with a pin where you want it on your shirt.

Step two: Put your design under the fabric of where you want the slogan to go. With a soft pencil, lightly trace your template.

Step three: Thread your cotton and begin to backstitch following the pencil outline. To backstitch, start beneath the fabric and take your needle up and along a small section of your design and then back in. Leave a gap the same size as the first stitch and pop the ­needle out to the front of the shirt and take it back to fill the gap. Continue for the design and tie a knot at the end.


DIP into this DIY trend like the Beckhams. The Nineties look is back this season so why not get ahead of the fashion pack and do it yourself? Your look will be tie-dye for.

YOU’LL NEED: T-shirt; hand dye; large bowl; something to stir the dye; rubber gloves.

Step one: Cover surfaces with paper or an old towel. Boil four litres of water, fill your bowl and add your dye. Check out – it has 22 colour options from £3.39. Stir dye until dissolved.

Step two: Take your clean T-shirt and gradually dip into the dye solution. Hold for five seconds and begin to draw the T-shirt up out of the liquid.

Step three: Dip for a second time, slightly lower than the first band of colour. Hold for 20 seconds and draw out of the bowl carefully.

Step four: For the last time dip the very bottom of the T-shirt into the bowl. Leave the bottom to soak for a few minutes and remove.

Step five: Pour the liquid away. Place the dyed section of the T-shirt into the bowl. Drape the top half over the edge of the bowl and leave overnight.

Step six: In the morning, wash with warm water, a touch of detergent and hang out to dry.


Tackle a new T-shirt trend with this ribbon rescue remedy. Statement sleeves are back in business for summer so why not go girlie with your tee and add some sweet bows?

YOU’LL NEED: 64 inches of ribbon; fabric glue; scissors; measuring tape.

Step one: Turn your T-shirt inside out and lay your sleeve flat. Cut from the sleeve end towards the shoulder seam, stop when you reach the seam.

Step two: Flip your T-shirt over and lay the sleeve flat. Cut your ribbon in half and place one piece inside the sleeve, leaving an inch of T-shirt.

Step three: Glue along the edge of the sleeve and fold over to cover the ribbon. Set aside to dry.

Step four: Once the first sleeve is dry, repeat steps 1-4 on the second sleeve.

Step five: When both sleeves are dry, glue the back of the ribbon, fold over, press and leave to dry to create a neat seam at the bottom of the sleeve.

Step six: Tie the ribbon into bows. Voila!


Bleach your jeans for an urban look that will turn the denim lighter for summer. Make sure you wear old clothes for this one and open the windows.

YOU’LL NEED: Bucket or large container; elastic bands; household bleach; rubber gloves; something to stir the bleach mixture.

Step one: Take a clean, dark-coloured pair of jeans. Bunch small sections and tie an elastic band around them. Keep bunching and adding elastic bands until you have a small bundle of denim.

Step two: Add one part bleach to three parts water to your bucket. Submerge jeans into the mixture and hold down until all the bubbles have gone. Let the jeans rise to the surface and leave to soak somewhere safe overnight.

Step three: Every now and again use your stirrer to rotate the jeans.

Step four: In the morning, rinse your jeans with cold water and machine wash.


Get crafty with clashing prints and fashionable fabrics to update dated denim.

YOU’LL NEED: Fabric; an unpicker or small pair of scissors; glue; needle and thread; measuring tape.

Step One: Unpick the pocket you want to cover. To unpick, take a small pair of scissors or unpicker and start at the centre bottom of the pocket. Loop the scissors/unpicker under a stitch and pull gently away from the pocket. Repeat until one side has come away from the jeans and discard the thread. Repeat on opposite side of pocket.

Step two: Pin the pocket to your fabric. has a great selection of fabric offcuts from £2.50 – perfect for covering pockets. Cut around your fabric, leaving enough room to fold over the edges.

Step three: Glue each side of pocket, fold fabric over, holding it to seal it as you go. Pin pocket and fabric. Set aside to dry.

Step four: Once dry, remove the pins. With a similar colour thread, stitch a line half an inch below the top of the pocket.

Step five: Pin the pocket to the jeans. Be careful not to pin the leg shut. Sew around the sides and bottom, half an inch in from the edge of the pocket.

Step six: Put another row of stitching a quarter of an inch inside the edge of your pocket following the first row of stitching.


Come up sparkling in much-loved trainers that look brand new. This simple style hack will have you feeling box fresh day in, day out, without you having to splash any cash on a new pair.

YOU’LL NEED: Pillow case; two washing detergent caps; washing detergent; washing Machine.

Step one: Remove laces and wipe your trainers with a clean cloth and warm water.

Step two: Fill caps with washing detergent and place inside trainers. Push all the way down into the toe caps.

Step three: Place trainers and laces inside pillowcase and wash on a delicate wash at 30C. Remove from the washing machine and pillowcase and leave to dry.


Sparkle your way into summer with some extra sass this season. There’s no excuse for boring kicks any more – and it’s a great one for kids’ trainers, too. It’s messy, but lots of fun.

YOU’LL NEED: Acetone (nail polish remover); masking tape; clear craft glue; small paint brush; glitter or confetti; super-strong glue; paper to ­protect surface.

Step one: Remove laces and clean trainers with the acetone nail polish remover. Place masking tape around the areas that you DON’T want the glitter, this will create clean lines and a really professional finish.

Step two: With your brush, apply the glue inside the masking taped areas avoiding the masking tape itself.

Step three: Sprinkle the glitter over the glue area – has a great selection of glitter and glues. Move the glitter around with your brush to cover the areas evenly, leaving as few gaps as possible. Then leave in a safe place to dry and clean your brush.

Step four: Once the glitter has dried, take your brush and coat with extra-strong glue to set your sparkle. Avoid the masking tape. Allow to dry.

Step five: Carefully remove masking tape. If the glue has stuck to the masking tape this may need cutting with a small pair of scissors.

People are obsessed with tie-dying their clothes from while in lockdown and it’s so easy

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