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Struggling Spice Girl Mel B finally banked a million last year after years of financial ruin after divorce


SHE’S battled financial woes for years, but struggling Spice Girls star Mel B has finally turned around her money trauma – by banking almost £1million in a year.

New accounts records for the singer’s business Moneyspider Productions reveal she has pocketed a fortune following the supergroup’s hugely successful reunion run 18 months ago.

In fact the improvement is so impressive that she’s gone from having £53,081 in the bank to a very healthy £834,910 – leaving her well in the black.

Mel, 45, had faced years of money problems including payouts to her unsavoury ex-husband and massive outstanding tax bills in the US – even moving back in with her mother in Leeds at one stage to help get back on her feet.

But it’s clear she is now in a comfortable position for the first time in many years.

A source said: “Mel’s problems have been incredibly well documented, and she totally wears her heart on her sleeve so she never shied away from it.

“Two years ago she owed the US taxman something like £350,000 which she had to ask for more time to pay, and the fall out form her divorce from her ex-husband Stephen was massive too.

“She is having to pay him something like £3million over time from the sale of their house and other assets, but the good news is she’s got on top of everything and now can focus on the future.

“It’s a great new start for her.”

Mel has been back in the UK for a while after fleeing the challenges of Los Angeles – having patched up her relationship with her mum.

She later explained that her “terrible marriage” had kept her from having proper contact with Andrea or her sister Danielle for a decade – but added that their repaired relationship had helped her overcome her troubles.

After the success of the girls’ comeback, here’s hoping her new found stability will pave the way for more in the future.

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