As an Olympic gold medallist swimmer, Adam Peaty is used to wearing very little.

But nothing could prepare him for the splash he has caused on Strictly Come Dancing.

Many of the show’s diehard fans have been in need of a cold shower after seeing his toned torso as he sashays across the BBC ballroom.

They have been so captivated by his bulging biceps and perfect pecs that they have taken to social media to inundate the 26-year-old with cheeky messages.

He has even picked up the nickname "Peachy" because fans were distracted by his bum after he slipped into a pair of snug trousers in the first week of the show.

Adam Peaty's tight trousers have caught the eye of Strictly Come Dancing viewers (



" Twitter ’s gone mental for the bum," he laughs, during a well-earned break from training ahead of this weekend’s live show.

"I’ve had tweets saying my chest should be a world heritage site and my trousers are worth the license fee of 45p a day alone, that’s great value for money. There’s been some brilliant ones!"

"And the men…" he adds with a smile when it is suggested he has got the ladies lusting after him across the country.

The professional athlete has been winning many admirers since appearing on Strictly

Determined to give his army of new fans exactly what they want, when the show reached movie week on Saturday, Adam was only too happy to strip off to dance his rumba routine topless – though admittedly while painted blue.

So will he stop there? It seems not.

The athlete, paired with pro dancer Katya Jones, 32, teases that is just the start of his Strictly strip show – as he is prepared to peel off even more layers the longer he stays in the competition.

The star cheekily teased revealing even more in a future Strictly performance

Even a pair of his Team GB trunks could make an appearance.

"I’ve already had my chest out, so that’s step one," he says with a laugh.

"See how everyone reacts and then we’ll go from there! The less clothes that I have on, the more comfortable I am, to be perfectly honest.

"In a three-piece suit, I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s too hot’, but being out in trunks, it’s much easier. I feel comfortable. Very strange isn’t it? But that’s been my life.

"My whole career has been me in trunks, it’s not weird to me having hardly any clothes on!"

Adam stripped off to dance shirtless for last weekend's performance (


Ugo Monye also went topless for his Strictly performance (


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And quite the career he has had.

Incredibly Adam, who was born in Uttoxeter, Staffs, was so afraid of water as a very young child that his nursery manager mum Caroline even had problems giving him a bath.

He has said he did not like water because he was sure "sharks would come and get me".

Fortunately he got over his fear, and since his first Olympics in 2016 he has triumphed in the pool, taking home five medals including three gold at Rio and Tokyo.

Olympic champion Adam with his MBE in 2017 (



He is the master of his sport and has the powerhouse body to prove it – though it has changed since switching the pool for the dance floor.

Adam, who has one-year-old son George-Anderson with partner Eiri Munro, says: "I’ve lost a lot of fat. I haven’t measured, but I can tell in my mirror that I’m more of a curvy figure in the sense that I’m slim-lined, usually my upper body is bigger than my lower body, like a reverse triangle.

But now I’m building the legs up to be strong and building the hips up too."

Adam and Eirianedd Munro are proud parents to their one-year-old son (



But there is one area of Peachy’s body that is definitely increasing.

"My bum’s got bigger, somehow," he says.

"I’ve not even been in a gym in 10 weeks and my bum is bigger! My legs have got stronger. It’s just adapting your body to being vertical – for me, that’s the hardest part.

"You’re always on your feet, and if you’re doing 10 hours of dancing, of course it’s going to put a lot of strain on your hips, and on your legs."

Adam, awarded an MBE in 2017, is a show favourite both on screen and behind the scenes, where he is keeping spirits up sending cheeky pictures to the group WhatsApp.

He clearly doesn’t take himself seriously, relieved to be cutting loose after years training for this summer’s Tokyo Olympic Games where he won two gold medals and a silver.

Adam and Tom Fletcher got in trouble for this cheeky image of them 'naked' while tanning (


His backstage antics haven't dampened his impressive performances with partner Katya Jones (



His social media platforms are filled with videos of him messing about in the training room.

Swapping the Speedos for sequins means he must ditch the joker and unleash his sexy side to win over the judges – but this does not faze him.

"That’s the easy part, to be honest," he says.

"We don’t have to work on bringing out my sexy side. We’ve got to tone that down if anything!

"Honestly, I struggle with the serious stuff, I just want to smile. I’m having such a good time. Last year, if you’d said I’d be on this show right now, painted, half-naked, dancing in front of nine million people...No way!"

And when he dives back into the pool he will bring some of the showbiz sparkle he is developing on Strictly.

"I think I’m the only person on this show that doesn’t really do any TV stuff, so that’s actually taken some getting used to," he says.

"It’s very different for me. I think it’s great for testing your charisma. I can take a lot of this learning into my actual job. I think sport needs to be entertaining and I can use that."

The star is keen not to 'let down' his professional dancing partner

So, is his heart set on adding the glitterball to his trophy cabinet?

"No, I don’t think so," he says.

"The only pressure I feel is the one I put on myself to learn the dance and to not let Katya down. The contestants are all incredible this year, everyone is just so brilliant, and anyone deserves it."

He adds: "As I’m getting through the competition, I’m like, ‘I just want to stay in this little world of dancing and TV and just learning new dances for as long as possible’.

I’m just enjoying it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My life is competition but with this I feel like I’m nurturing my dancing soul. I love music and I love dancing, I want to do it for as long as possible."

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