Strictly Come Dancing fans were slightly baffled on Saturday night when a new celebrity seemingly became the star of the show.

EastEnders actor Danny Dyer was in the audience throughout the evening’s proceedings, there to cheer on his co-star and on-screen daughter, Rose Ayling-Ellis.

However, while Rose and pro partner Giovanni Pernice were the first couple on the dancefloor that evening, Danny wasn’t shown until Tilly Ramsay’s paso doble performance with Nikita Kuzmin.

The camera would then repeatedly cut to Danny for his reactions throughout the rest of the show, with the east end hard nut cheering on the celebrities during their latest efforts.

Danny Dyer was seen having a whale of a time as he cheered on Rose from the audience (



Danny appeared onscreen so often that many fans started wondering why he was getting so much airtime.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer commented on “the amount of Danny Dyer jump scares”, while another wrote: “Absolutely dying at how they keep cutting to Danny Dyer looking like some sort of secret assassin in the corner on Strictly.”

“I've watched about 10 min in total of #Strictly and I've seen the camera cut to Danny Dyer 3 times. Is the cameraman doing it for a bet or something?” questioned another.

Even TV presenter Jayne Middlemiss noticed, and gave her own thoughts as she wrote: “Ok, strictly. I missed the beginning but did I miss why Danny Dyer is there and why we keep seeing him in the audience? Anyone?”

Rose and Giovanni performed a cha cha to Raspberry Beret by Prince on Saturday's live show (


BBC / Guy Levy)

Others suggested he was "scoping the place out" for his own potential stint next year.

Danny plays Mick Carter in the long-running BBC soap, which films across the street from the Strictly studios.

He has been vocal of his support of Rose, who plays daughter Franky, hailing her as ‘fearless’ for taking on the dance challenge and being the first deaf person to do so.

Danny chose a great week to make an appearance too, with some of the contestants performing their best dances to date.

Danny plays Rose's on-screen father in Eastenders (


BBC / Kieron McCarron)

This week, Rose and Giovanni opened the show with a Cha Cha to Prince’s Raspberry Beret, earning 27 out of 40 points.

Their routine was made all the more difficult to choreograph after Rose’s hearing aid broke during the week, leaving her completely unable to hear her dance partner.

Speaking about the difficulties she faced to Claudia Winkleman after her dance, she said: “It’s a normal life for deaf people, our heading aids break all the time. But it’s just unfortunate - the wrong time! I’m doing the cha cha cha!”

Rose and Giovanni faced extra difficulties this week after her hearing aid broke (


BBC / Guy Levy)
The duo have become firm favourites in the competition as they get stronger every week (


BBC/Guy Levy)

“It was definitely different,” said Giovanni. “Actually we were laughing about it because it was like, obviously she has to feel the level when she speaks, so it was like talking to a speaker all the time… it was a little bit loud!”

“Because of my hearing aid, I can work out how loud I am, but when it’s off, I talk so I can feel the vibrations in my chest,” she explained. “So he went home with a headache!”

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturdays on BBC One with the results show airing on Sundays.

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