Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita Kuzmin has broken his silence on being sent home while fans rage Dan Walker is sailing through.

Nikita told Rylan Clark how the judges on the show were absolutely right to send home he and Tilly Ramsay in the dance off on Sunday evening.

The pair went up against Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu on Sunday night and were sent on their way as all four judges voted to save Rhys.

Strictly's Tilly was responsible for Nikita's shirt being unbuttoned

Nikita has no complaints about going home despite Dan's progression causing a backlash declaring the show a 'fix'.

Nikita commented: “Look… I agree with this absolutely because the samba is the most difficult dance.

“You have different body rhythms, you have feet action, arms and so many things you have to do.

“And at the same time you have to be sassy, all the beautiful shimmy things that Tilly did, so yeah, unfortunately I agree with them."

On Tilly, his dancing partner on the show, Nikita again reaffirmed his belief in her and said: “I’m so proud.

“If you watch the week one dance where Tilly was grabbing for dear life on me, which was okay, and after a couple of weeks she was performing by herself, so so proud."

BBC Strictly Come Dancing returns this Saturday with the quarter final live show, before the results are revealed a day later on BBC One once again.

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