Strictly Come Dancing bosses are facing a backlash following the reports that several of the show's dancers haven't had their Covid-19 vaccination.

The celebrity partner of one of the three dancers said to be refusing the jab has reportedly complained to pals after not knowing their dance partner hadn't received the vaccine.

The star, who is said to be a household name and pro-vaccine, allegedly told pals: "We should have been protected."

They were said to be extremely surprised at unvaccinated dancers being able to appear on the show given the tough Covid bubble measures that are in place.

Three Strictly dancers are said to have refused the Covid jab (


BBC/Guy Levy)

The star's friend told The Sun : "They just couldn’t believe that their partner would not have had a jab. Strictly is the biggest show on TV and has been trumpeting its anti-Covid measures throughout the pandemic.

“They thought they’d be protected so to discover their partner hasn’t even had a single jab is very worrying.

“The couple have already spent tens of hours practising together. Clearly, there is a lot of anger and a lot of questions to be asked.”

Former professional dancer James Jordan appeared on the show from 2006 to 2013 and was adamant the BBC should name the stars involved, or remove them from the show.

He said: “If someone on this show gets this virus and their immune system is really low and they die. I don’t believe they should be dancing and putting the whole cast of Strictly in jeopardy.”

Another of the show's former pros, Kristina Rihanoff, also admitted that she thought the BBC should have checked whether or not its dancers had been double jabbed.

She added: “They should have checked everyone’s vaccination status and they probably knew there was going to be an issue with something like this on the show.

Former pros have waded in on the vaccine row on Strictly (


BBC/Guy Levy)

“So all of the celebrities and all of the professionals should have been chosen if they actually had a double vaccine.”

And the Prime Minister also advised once again that everyone, including the dancers, should take up the offer of the vaccine.

During his trip to the US ahead of talks with President Joe Biden he said: “Everyone should take their jabs. I’m not saying that in a hectoring or bullying way, but simply because I think it’s a great thing to do.”

The Mirror has contacted BBC representatives for comment.

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