The North is streets ahead of the South when it comes to broadband speeds, analysis of 400,000 speed tests reveals.

Households in Dale Lane, in Appleton, Warrington, have the country’s top speed at an impressive 639Mbps (megabits per second).

In a reversal of the usual North-South divide, they can download movies and music up to 5,330 times faster than those in Queen’s Road, in Weybridge, Surrey.

Residents there face up to a two-day wait to download an HD Christmas film like Elf, at a snail’s pace 0.12Mbps.

But those in Dale Lane would get the whole thing in 80 seconds.

Dale Lane in Appleton, Warrington - what life in the broadband fast lane looks like!

Ernest Doku, broadband expert at, said: “The digital divide has grown dramatically in the last year, with the fastest broadband 5,000 times quicker than the slowest.

“It’s interesting to see the North claims the fastest street, while the slowest is in the South East.”

More than half of users nationwide get “superfast” fibre optic connections providing over 30Mbps, up from a fifth in 2015.

But the study found huge variations, even within neighbouring areas, leaving some locked out of the homeworking revolution.

High-speed fibre optic broadband is here - but it's not as good for everyone, everywhere...

Families in Woodcote Lane, Purley, Surrey, get a rapid 206.45Mbps compared to just 0.55Mpbs in Spencer Road, Caterham, a 17-minute drive away.

Mr Doku said: “While it’s great more of us are enjoying ultrafast broadband, we don’t want large swathes of the country on shoddy connections that aren’t suitable for modern life.

“With millions of us working from home and watching more streaming TV, a good broadband connection is more important than ever.”

5 fastest streets (in Mbps)

1. Dale Lane, Appleton, Warrington, Cheshire – 639

2. Longhedge, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes, Bucks – 568

3. Old Ballynahinch Road, Lisburn, Northern Ireland – 563

4. Montvale Gardens, Leicester – 452

5. Mill Close, Henlow, Beds – 360

5 slowest streets

1. Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey – 0.12

2. Hatchett Road, Feltham, Hounslow, West London – 0.38

3. Monkton, Honiton, Exeter, Devon – 0.45

4. Church Street, Great Maplestead, Halstead, Essex – 0.47

5. Limmer Close, Wokingham, Berks – 0.48