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Stranger Things comic hints at potential season 4 storyline which sees Erica selling stolen acid from Russian lab

STRANGER Things comic has hinted at a potential season four storyline that sees Erica selling stolen acid from the Russian lab. 

Filming is due to begin again in September and fans of the Netflix show are desperate for any clues as to what might happen in the next instalment.

And while the streaming platform has teased a little thanks to a few hints in the trailer, the Stranger Things spin-off comic book may have teased a potential storyline. 

In the illustrated book, Hawkins’ most hilarious and sassiest character Erica, played by Priah Ferguson, starts a side business to raise money for a new Dungeons and Dragons set.

Sounds all above board so far, right? However, this is Hawkins and Erica is not selling home-made cookies to earn extra cash. 

No. Lucas’s little sister is trading toxic-looking acid from the Russian lab underneath Hawkins’ mall, which she managed to smuggle out during the season three finale.

When Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo, finds out what she plans to do, he grabs Steve and Robin with the intention of stopping Erica before it’s too late.

The comic concludes with the fab four playing the fantasy board game together.

While there has been no indication whether the comic book storyline has any bearing on the scripts for season four, hopefully it’s hinting at another on-screen reunion for the fan-favourite gang.

Series three saw Dustin, Steve, played by Joe Keery, and new character Robin, played by the incredible Maya Hawke, work together to decipher Russian interference that Dustin was picking up on his walkie talkie. 

The icecream-loving trio then found a Russian lab underneath the Starcourt Mall and enlisted the help of Erica to sneak their way in.

Season four, which was originally set for early 2021 according to star David Harbour, has been pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic, however production is set to restart in September, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Get your Stranger Things fix by streaming seasons 1-3 available now on Netflix.

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