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Storage Hunters star locked in cell on her birthday for ‘stalking hunky antiques dealer again despite restraining order’

STORAGE Hunters star Boudicca Scherazade was arrested and locked up by cops on her birthday for ¬allegedly stalking a young antiques dealer.

Scherazade, 51 - who stars in the series about finding hidden treasures in lock-ups – was thrown in the cells for 24 hours after she breached a court order banning her from contacting Laurence Roche.

She was hit with 120 hours of unpaid work December 2016 after being convicted of bombarding Roche with kinky texts, pictures and voicemails and calling him her “lion of the jungle” in a three-year stalking campaign.

The court heard Scherazade subjected the younger man to a three-year ordeal of harassment between June, 2013, and May, 2016.

She was handed an 18-week jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, and banned from contacting Mr Roche or his partner.

The TV personality was also ordered to pay £1,000 in prosecution costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

Despite the lifetime restraining order, she was arrested two weeks ago after the dealer phoned 999 after he spotted his stalker at an antiques fair where he was running a stall, the Sunday People reports.

When contacted by the paper, she admitted that she had breached the court order.

She could face jail when she appears in court in February.

She told the Sunday People: “It’s terrible, I just wanted us all to be friends. This is something from years and years ago. It’s bonkers.”

This horny woman hasn't had sex in months, needs servicing.

Boudicca Scherazade

Scherazade was pictured in 2017 carrying out her community service as she washed the windows of a charity shop in west London.

Scherazade became obsessed with Mr Roche after seeing him standing topless at his furniture stall.

She then inundated the market trader with explicit texts, including one saying "this horny woman hasn't had sex in months, needs servicing".

In another message, star told her younger victim "just imagine how nice your beard will be tickling my inner thighs".

But the court heard she become enraged when Mr Roche didn’t return her affections, shouting "I love you" before calling him a "c***" in front of stunned customers.

Roche, who was in a relationship, denied encouraging Scherazade’s behaviour and told the court he had no idea why she would message him.

He told the court during Scherazade’s unwanted courtship he felt “scared.”

The court heard how on Halloween last year she sent him an image of the lower torso of a naked man with the message: "Is this my naughty Laurence?" despite the pair having never had a relationship, according to the victim.

Another message included a photo of a pair of knickers on a rug with the caption: "I've taken them off just for you."

She was arrested on December 8 this year and appeared at Staines Magistrates’ Court.

Court officials confirmed she has indicated she will plead guilty when she returns to the dock on February 11.