The steward struck by a wayward Cristiano Ronaldo shot has revealed that she was worried she had died after the ball hit her in the head.

Marisa Nobile was on the receiving end of an attempt on goal by Manchester United forward Ronaldo as he warmed up for a Champions League clash in Switzerland.

But just like the game against Young Boys, Ronaldo's practice shot did not go to plan, and unfortunately struck an unsuspecting Nobile.

She lay flat out on the ground and received medical attention, while Ronaldo himself even rushed over to check on her.

And Nobile admits that after seeing the Portuguese superstar standing over here, she was worried she may have died.

Cristiano Ronaldo rushed over to check on Marisa Nobile after hitting her with a wayward shot (



"When the ball hit me on my head it was a full strike," Nobile told Blick TV.

"I was gone in my head and went to the ground. Afterwards I saw Ronaldo above me and said: 'Oh my God no, did I die?'

"Ronaldo said: 'No, no. Excuse me! What's happening? Are you all right?'

"I was in great pain. My God. I was more or less ballaballa! But then I saw Ronaldo and the headache was gone."

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Fortunately, Nobile escaped injury free, and even received Ronaldo's shirt at the end of the 2-1 win for Young Boys, appearing to leave them on excellent terms.

However, she claims that she was previously not a fan of the 36-year-old after his "rude" behaviour on a previous visit to Switzerland.

In another interview with Globo Esporte, she said: "When he played here for Real Madrid, I ended up cursing him. I didn't know who he was.

The steward posed with Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt following the victory for Young Boys (


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"I said: 'The game is over, you keep running here on the field and people don't leave.'

"He continued [running on the field], and I was already very tired. He sent me to talk to the coach.

"I came back: 'So, is it going to end or not? This is Switzerland, dear!'

"He told me where to go. I said: 'What a rude guy.' Until yesterday, I didn't like Cristiano Ronaldo."

But after Ronaldo's deep concern for her welfare after hitting her in the face, Nobile admits that she can't help but be a fan of the former Juventus man.

She continued: "It wasn't revenge, no.

"He was holding my hand, stroking my face, asking, 'Are you okay, are you okay?'

"Now I'm a number one Ronaldete!"

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