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Stephen Bear says ‘f*** the mask’ as he drives to police station and claims ‘all his friends have deserted him’

STEPHEN Bear said "f*** the mask" as he was spotted driving to an Essex police station without one.

The 31-year-old reality star, who was arrested after returning from Dubai last week, has been persistently accused of breaking quarantine rules.

Bear's arrest came after his ex Georgia Harrison accused him of secretly filming them having sex, which he denies.

In a new video, his dad is seen urging him to bring a coronavirus face mask with him to sign his bail agreement in Harlow.

He's told: "Let's go, got your mask?" But Bear replied: "F*** the mask."

Under current government rules those returning from the United Arab Emirates must isolate for ten days.

The UK has just suffered its deadliest day since the coronavirus pandemic began with 1,820 dying from the virus.

Yesterday Bear was photographed filling up his car after telling The Sun he would not stick to quarantine regulations.

He said: "I am God. Rules don't apply to me."

Speaking on his YouTube channel he defended going to the shops, saying: "I'm not being funny, I need to eat. What do you want me to do? Starve?

"If I was to sit indoors and stave people would probably say: 'He's so thick - why didn't he just get some food?'"

He also said he had been deserted by his friends, saying sadly: "When s**t hits the fan there is no-one really."

Bear explained: "Since things have been said about me a lot of people has changed. I had no one.

"The only people who have stuck by me are my family and then one of my others mates who is over in Spain.

"The people I thought are my mates are clearly not. No one's really messaged going are you OK. It's quite a lonely road.

"It's funny because when I go out or I'm round people I always think in my mind I'm the nice guy, the funny guy, you want to be around me, I buy everything.

"I mustn't be like that - as good as I think I am. I'm the one getting slagged off and it's quite sad actually."

Bear was arrested last week after his ex Georgia Harrison accused him of secretly filming them having sex and posting it online, which he denies.

Stephen and Georgia enjoyed a short-lived romance in 2018 after meeting on MTV’s The Challenge.

He is currently dating 18-year-old Tia, who was just 17 when they first started seeing each other - with Bear even having a huge tattoo of her face on his back.

Stephen Bear ex Georgia Harrison reveals she's 'struggling to cope' after his revenge porn arrest

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