Late October and early November can be a tough time for dog owners, as Bonfire Night approaches, bringing with it the prospect of the loud and disruptive noise of fireworks.

The bangs that result from fireworks can be incredibly distressing for all kinds of dogs, making November 5 a difficult night to navigate for many owners.

A dog trainer has moved to help owners who feel completely helpless when it comes to easing their dog’s stress when fireworks are going off.

In a TikTok video from @manchesterk9academy, viewers are shown how they can help to desensitise their dogs to the sounds, which can leave many cowering in fear.

The training aims to help desensitise dogs to the sound of fireworks

Owners are advised that firework sounds on Youtube can be a useful training tool.

In the clip, owner and lead trainer of Manchester K9 Academy, Lewis Howell explains that once the sounds are playing on a low volume, it is important to give plenty of reassurance to the dog as the noise continues in the background.

Firework sounds on Youtube can help with the training

Once they have become a little more accustomed to the noise, the volume can go up as the dog continues to be reassured.

It is also important to work with the dog while the noises continue in the background, to help them become desensitised even further.

Viewers were clearly thankful for the help, with one user commenting: “I’ve done this with my pup, seems to be working now they’ve started going off for real.”

The training involves reassuring and working your dog while the noises play

Another commenter wrote: “I did this with my puppy since I got her and we sat and watched fireworks out the window the other night, no stress or anything, she fell asleep.”

A third added: “I’ve done this with my boy.”

This TikTok clip doesn’t mark the only efforts to help ease the struggle for dogs on bonfire night or any time fireworks are going off.

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Relax My Dog also went to work to help dogs in this situation, making music designed to calm dogs down and provide a distraction from the disruptive noise.

The brand shared a clip of the music going to work on dogs of all shapes and sizes, giving them a much needed calming influence in an otherwise stressful situation.

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