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Star-packed Trolls: World Tour is pricey to rent but full of LOLs for kids and adults

IF you decide to watch this with the kids will depend on two things.

One — whether you support the film industry’s attempt to keep the machine rolling by spending £15.99 on a 48-hour movie rental played on your TV.

Or two — whether it’s worth that cash.  Judging by the reaction since its release, it’s a yes from the binlids, and, begrudgingly, from the adults.

Picking up after we left them in 2016, this expands the universe to include a host of new characters and worlds. Poppy (Anna Kendrick) learns there are five other troll worlds, each with its own style of music.

She is the pop troll, but on her road trip with beau Branch (Justin Timberlake) they meet the country, classical, funk and techno trolls who are all in danger of Queen Barb’s plan to turn everyone into a rocker.

Yes, this is a kids film extolling the very real dangers of musical snobbery.

It’s rammed with cameos (Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J Blige to name but a few) and is so bright and busy it’s difficult to keep track.

But there are elements of originality elders will enjoy.

Its trippy journey through the genres has more than a touch of Magic Roundabout feel.

The message of acceptance and seeing a way to harmony is a bit trite — but this isn’t really a film, more a megamix of songs from the likes of  Deee-Lite, Party Rockers and Baha Men.

The kids will spend more time dancing to it than watching, but we’ll take that, right?



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