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Stalker jailed after following and threatening female cop for two months


A STALKER who followed and threatened a cop over two months has been jailed.

Jack Jones, 21, even loitered outside a police station waiting for the woman to finish her shift.

With pal Thomas Heaton, 21, he threatened her as she walked to her car.

The pair also watched her from their motor and followed her home.

Jones admitted stalking and was jailed for 16 weeks by Blackpool JPs.

Heaton got an eight-week suspended sentence and both men were issued with a restraining order to protect the officer.

PC Scott McClaren, of Lancashire Constabulary said: “Jones’s imprisonment sends a clear message that this behaviour will not be tolerated and we will pursue those who target others in this way.

“Stalking can have devastating consequences for victims and can often escalate to other serious offences.

"We are committed to tackling this issue and will offer as much support as possible to anybody affected.”

Local Kath Allen quipped: “Well he is on his Jack Jones now.”

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