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Stacey Solomon shows off jaw-dropping staircase transformation as she ditches red carpet and strips back oak


STACEY Solomon has shown off her jaw-dropping staircase transformation after ditching the red carpet and stripping back the oak.

The 31-year-old star may have been working in Manchester for the past three days, but she didn't let work at Pickle Cottage in Essex stop in her absence.

In fact, the busy mother-of-three was thrilled to return home today and see the work that had been done while she was up North.

Filming her stripped back living space upon her arrival, Stacey revealed that she'd booked a sandblaster to get the dark wooden beams back to their original colour.

While the star enthusiastically updated her followers on the renovation, she admitted that fiance Joe Swash was unimpressed by the latest change - as all of the stripping had left dust everywhere.

Shaking his head at the camera, he remarked: "It's like living on a beach!"

Stacey was most proud to show off the staircase, with the original piece featuring dark oak wood, heavy red carpet, and a gold trim.

Admitting that it wasn't "properly finished", the excited TV favourite posted impressive before and after snaps - with the after giving a much more chic feel.

The carpet had been removed and dark oak stripped back, with Stacey writing: "I love these stairs and all of the detail on them so much but the dark wood and red carpet made them feel so closed in…

"I can't wait to shine them up, treat them, and stain and made, add a light runner and chrome rods too."

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Stacey keeps her millions of followers entertained with her regular updates on the house renovation, which she kicked off just days after she and Joe moved into the stunning mansion earlier this year.

The first room that she fully completed was the downstairs toilet, and she has also done most of youngest son Rex's room, as well as much of the huge garden.

Stacey often shares her visions for future works with her fans, who are excitedly awaiting the day where all of the transformations have been completed.

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