A Squid Game spoof by Scotland’s top ice hockey team is going down a storm with fans.

The Dundee Stars squad took to the ice to recreate the hit show’s iconic red light - green light scene.

Using some computer wizardry they took on the fearsome shooting doll in the deadly game of skill.

And the team’s head coach and general manager, Omar Pacha, even had a cameo performance at the climax of the six- minute film that was made to help fans celebrate Halloween.

It is also helping advertise this weekend's matches against the Cardiff Devils and Guildford Flames.

The team’s head coach, Omar Pacha, even had a cameo performance in the spoof.

Squid Game is about a deadly Korean TV game show and is on track to become Netflix most watched series.

The South Korean thriller sees hundreds of players who have been hit by poverty accepting a strange invitation to compete in children's games for a whopping £36 million.

The games featured are common playground fun in Korea - but are given a deadly twist for the Squid Game.

Red Light Green Light - which sees them having to run toward a huge, creepy doll on the Green Light and having to stay still on the Red Light.

If they are caught moving, they die.

More than 100 million people across the globe have streamed the South Korean thriller - with many going back to watch it for a second time.

It has become a cult classic, dominating chatter on social media sites like TikTok.

Writer Hwang Dong-hyuk recently urged viewers wanting to watch it in English to use subtitles and not the dubbed version.

The team didn't hold back on the acting front with some fine performances.

Speaking on the US breakfast show, Good Morning America, he told English-speaking viewers this was the "correct way" of watching the show.

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